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By deadrise DFBHD TDM 289 Downloads Added 10/07/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Shipyard by deadRISE
Greetings all you die-hard BHD fans, I have another one of my maps to add to the community. This is one that was a favorite in our server, Weekend Warriors. Its a shame to not let the world enjoy it too!

By THUNDERX DFBHD SP 671 Downloads Added 09/30/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation Gothic Serpent
Operation Gothic Serpent (Irene), ENJOY!

By crazy horsedds DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH, FB 445 Downloads Added 08/18/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

=DS=Fishing Village
Boats and Helos to ride and places to hide and ladders to climb mis file there change what you don't like.lol

By Dj DFBHD SP 570 Downloads Added 08/13/2016 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: History Begins
I hope you will like that don't forget give rate.

By Dj DFBHD SP 610 Downloads Added 08/09/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Visit Points
I hope you will like this map

By Dj DFBHD SP 652 Downloads Added 08/05/2016 7 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Burning Candle
I hope you will like that map don't forget give a vote

By crazy horsedds DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH 470 Downloads Added 06/28/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Remake of map by NIKOLAI. Has ladders and hills places to hide and room for CQBs theres hummers that stop at the team bases. Hope Nikolai likes and dont shot me in EID.lol

By crazy horsedds DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH, FB 626 Downloads Added 04/13/2016 4 Comments PermaLink

City Airport
Should be fun for CQBs and Snipers both stay in town are go out and snipe. Has Airport and plenty of ladders and places to hide miss file there change what you dont like.

By crazy horsedds DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH, FB 569 Downloads Added 04/03/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Paris Wars
New tower and 3 helos and hummers to ride ones on top of tower. there are tunnels and ladders flags on tower i got it going up see in picture,lol have fun.

By Tedsmelly DFBHD SP, CO-OP, DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH, CTF, FB, AD, SD 280 Downloads Added 03/02/2016 Watch video Add Comment PermaLink

Fireworks Demo
This fireworks demo shows some of the setups you can use to create Fanfare and Celebration in BHD or BHDTS.

MIS and WAC file included in zip.

When you open this map in the Mission Editor (Med), click on the "View" tab and select "View by Layer".

These firework displays can be used in multiplayer. The game server is the only one that needs the Wac file, not all the players.

The game server shortcut has to have the " /d" added at the end of it's "Target" path.

By Dj DFBHD SP 629 Downloads Added 02/14/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Infiltrate Powcamp
Command believes about Antonio Paulo's last location we can find something. We are going the capture that village.

By crazy horsedds DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH, FB 387 Downloads Added 02/13/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

The Creamatory
This is a fun map to play. Teams start out in hotel and go out through the creamatory into the walled in field lots of hiding places.Like to thank the guy that made the creamatory for his fine job. hope you injoy.

By Dj DFBHD SP 631 Downloads Added 02/03/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Honor Story
We have crash site north-east to your position you have to reach crash site and extract all wounded and survivors. Please write comment about map ^^

By Dj DFBHD SP 669 Downloads Added 01/28/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation: Cache
Hello again guys I don't wanna say anything about this map you will see play and see ^^

By crazy horsedds DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH 531 Downloads Added 01/14/2016 Add Comment PermaLink

-BR-Hillbilly Heaven
helos to fly from base to towers and hummers to ride around and a crate you can get on and shoot and it will take you for a ride hope you like it not mis file there change what you dont like.

By crazy horsedds DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 323 Downloads Added 01/04/2016 Updated 01/07/16 Add Comment PermaLink

Dock Side
Both teams start on there side and fight for the middle. Each team has a boat that stops at dock to get on have to jump other two boats.
Hope you like if not change what you dont MIS file there. thanks some one change map name from dock side to mr why? thought the tittle was for me.lol

By *IRL* DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 295 Downloads Added 11/21/2015 Updated 04/25/17 Add Comment PermaLink

La fiesta del Helado
Good map valid for playing with few or many players.
We start at our base, where we will go to a small tunnel.
Halfway through this, we will have a path to the left where you can take a PSP and you will have another path to the right where you will reach another PSP in the middle of the map, this is a hotel, where when climbing, there will be a small but very Playable battle zone where you can also climb to the roof to have some advantage over the rival.

There is also the TKOTH version, the only difference is that in that area of ​​battle, between hotel and hotel, the sphere is limited to take points.

By City Ace DFBHD SP 1,267 Downloads Added 07/08/2015 3 Comments PermaLink

Lost Island : Vietnam (Day/Night)
Map contains 5 objectives in semi-forested area. This time there is a new in-game soundtrack along with the 2 versions (Day and Night mission). It was almost bug-free and if you found any comment below. You have to follow some instructions to play this map, read the manual provided with the map.Enjoy.

By stompem DFBHD TDM, TKOTH 383 Downloads Added 07/07/2015 Updated 08/02/17 Add Comment PermaLink

Savage Rooftop
TD & TKOTH: From savage rooftops to savage air & ground battles - 2 Helicopters land in rotation so you can strafe your opponents on the ground or just battle it out in the air.

By *IRL* DFBHD DM, TDM, TKOTH 580 Downloads Added 06/02/2015 Updated 04/25/17 Add Comment PermaLink

El rio
Map of great dimension but also possibility to play it with not too many players.

It is based on a river, buildings on each side and a bridge with a PSP in the center.
Each team starts from a base, where it must be done with the PSP and maintain it.

In the TKOTH version, the PSP has been replaced and it has put something more secluded, since near the bridge are the zones KOTH and thus avoiding to use the spawn.

In the DM version has eliminated all zone and PSP, the only objective will be kill and kill.

In all versions, buildings have been adapted to be scaled and defended, there are barricades, containers, etc ...
All buildings are accessible.

By By Dj DFBHD SP 1,361 Downloads Added 04/04/2015 5 Comments PermaLink
MOD Required: EXP Terranova

Operation: Support Escort
This is my first map with mode I hope you like this , enjoy..

By By Dj DFBHD SP 1,324 Downloads Added 03/01/2015 Watch video 5 Comments PermaLink

Operation: Highway
Welcome The By Dj's Mission , Your Objectives :

-Capture the 2 group prisoners.
-Rendezvous with rangers outside the building
-Find a reach to convoy
-Board the vehicles.

By d4rkgamer DFBHD CO-OP 1,038 Downloads Added 02/26/2015 Add Comment PermaLink

Durant's Last Stand
i just submitted it

By By Dj DFBHD SP 1,080 Downloads Added 02/05/2015 4 Comments PermaLink

City Hole
I Hope You Like This Map , Enjoy

Too Many Decorations & Building's Has This Map , Open Way To Pakistani Convoy And Get Back To The Base , But This Is Not Too Easy , GOOD LUCK 2-1

By City Ace DFBHD SP 2,844 Downloads Added 01/20/2015 12 Comments PermaLink

Die Night 3 (Day and Night version)
Finally DIE NIGHT 3 was available for all of the BHD fans. DIE NIGHT 3 contains 6 objectives. Its a pretty long mission. Now it is available to you in two different versions one is day version and other is night. It means in the day version player have to play during the evening time and in the night version player have to play during night. For more details read the readme file provided in the .zip file.No sign of any bugs. Download it quickly two is available in one. And please like us at our official facebook page to get latest updates about our upcoming maps.