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Location: usa Added 04/04/2007

i love this site dr_james_truchard@yahoo.com

Location: australia Added 03/22/2007

Hey guys, I was looking for some razorball maps...any help? Like your page set up...cya

Ghost Sniper
Added 03/18/2007

Have u got any maps with the eiffel tower and big ben in them

Location: usa Added 03/18/2007

i love this site ramzee100@hotmail.com

pkviper usr
Added 03/09/2007



Mary Huff
Location: England Added 03/08/2007

This is a coded message.......it has hidden meaning that only the few will appreciate.

Location: Leicestershire Added 01/03/2007

Great site you have here

Website: http://team-sg1.com Location: Germany Added 12/24/2006

[h2]Team-SG1 wünscht Euch allen und Euren Familien ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2007! [/h2]

Website: http://team-sg1.com Location: Germany Added 12/24/2006

[h2]Team-SG1 wünscht Euch allen und Euren Familien ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2007! [/h2]

Website: http://phdsoldierz.dfhq.net Location: poway Added 12/07/2006

I love this place!!!!!

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/freezasod/ Added 11/06/2006

Love all the good ole mods at this website,make some more,LOL

Website: http://www.abc.com Location: aba Added 11/03/2006

keep it up the good work

Location: notts Added 10/19/2006

can any 1 help me how 2 make custom maps then save and use them thx

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/british_legion Location: United Kingdom Added 10/14/2006

Love the site, Love DFBHD and basically Love submiting stuff to this site. Thanks alot guys! DFBHD !ROCKS! - check my wallpapers :P

Added 06/19/2006

Hi All , Good to see DF is Still going Strong...
Maybe I'll upload some of my classic maps from my old site df1maps.com

Great job keeping it all going Novahq!!!

Location: England, Derby Added 05/22/2006

Hi all, just wanted to say, when i download the maps, i dunno what to do next, its just loads of folders with random words in it. Please e-mail me with what to pleeeaasse! cheers.


ToeJam DB-B Sgt
Added 04/28/2006

DB Will Own You All RAAAAAR lol nice site

Website: http://www.silentraiders.com Location: worldwide Added 03/15/2006

would just like to say new maps on our website for you to download and the map building forum is open for all.

join us our servers now online 24/7

teamspeak and ventrilo online to use as well./

we would also like to invite squads to a fight online ? see our forum for details.

see you soon.

Website: http://www.tcscushing.com Location: USA Added 02/16/2006

Wonderful Site keep up the good work...

Location: Canada Added 02/12/2006

This site has it all , keep up the good work.!

Location: michigan Added 02/07/2006

this sites fun, lots of fun

joshua warren
Added 01/28/2006

ive tried loads of patches for df2 and this is the only place i could find the right one!

Website: http://lossquad.dfhq.net Location: Weirton, WV Added 01/25/2006

Hey guys, I play on TFD. And I started my own squad jus looking for some help with the game so you might see my login name a lot on the forums, bladektc. Any other TFD players go to my website and sign the guestbook http://www.lossquad.dfhq.net

Website: http://usa-cqb.2ya.com/ Added 01/24/2006

u want DM action u come n find the Pit!!!!!

Website: http://m.inc.alphafrag.com/M.Inc/index.php Location: Scotland/UK Added 01/18/2006

Been comeing to this site for years frist time ive seen this lmao gr8 site guys n gals allways has been up 2 date with news and events keep up the good work, be killing u soon ;-)

Location: Planet Earth Added 12/29/2005

Please register on this website's url http://clanusst.co.nr/ website's main page http://clanusst.co.nr/ Hope you'll enjoy it

Added 12/27/2005

can someone help me for some reason DF:X updater keeps timing out on me

¹ trøj ™ (NHQ Admin)
Website: http://www.novahq.net Location: Where he'll least expect it.. Added 12/01/2005

I want to say thank you all for signing our Guestbook. For all of you that had or may have questions or kudos, please take a second and register. We honor our members and we will answer any or all questions if you come to the forums and let yourself be known and seen by our soon to be 10,000 Members and Guests from over 120+ Nations World Wide. Kill and be killed.. Enjoy the game! Long live NovaLogic!! Cheers, ¹ trøj ™

Location: canada cornwall ontairo Added 12/01/2005

hi all nice site load of nice map's

Location: Norway Added 11/15/2005

Nice Site, loads of cool stuff on here. I especially like coop!

headhunter aka ge
Location: home Added 10/28/2005

my email is wrong its gestang21@yahoo.com not gestang@yahoo.com

headhunter aka ge
Location: home Added 10/28/2005

i was board so i thought i would sign in this book i use to be headhunter.com but i lost my cd to play this game but now i just get boerd all the time so if any one want to chat with me about dfbhd e mail me thanks

Alpha Black
Added 10/27/2005

Hey guys wats up....i downloaded this map called Battle of the Bulge. But for some reason it says it cannot verify the color. also by the download it says EXP Required. What does that mean?

Website: http://www.sms-squad.de Location: Hello Added 10/10/2005

Want to leave times kind regards here to hello , I of $$pecial navy $$quad. On a return visit of you would make us happy, http://www.sms squad.de looks nevertheless times past! Perhaps have their desire on nem banner exchange. Thus at which one shoots oneself somewhere on the battleground MFG



Added 09/16/2005

can i use front page to uplode my website to my sub domain if not what should i use

Location: Channel islands , UK Added 08/27/2005

Yo all.SPU for ever

Location: Baltimore,MD Added 08/24/2005


Website: http://games.acont.de Location: Germany Added 08/15/2005

Nice Site, found the right content. THX !

Added 07/30/2005

yo nice site very useful but 1 prob.... the pff extracter and def encryptor/decrytor is basically inviting undetected hacks in2 bhd...

Mr X
Added 07/14/2005

Hi there...Just wanna ask if anyone has seen the water war map....I can't find it but am told that it is a good map

Location: USA Added 07/09/2005

how's the price!


Website: http://www.madbuzrd.com Location: Arizona Added 07/04/2005

Happy 4th of July to All. ARizona won't be using fireworks this year, to may forest fires. Hope everyone else enjoys!!


liam wong
Website: http://www.stormi.org Location: edinburgh Added 06/20/2005


No Dfworld back in the 99' days though.


Website: http://www.killerz4hire.us.tt Added 06/05/2005


Website: http://www.ffgb.co.uk Location: UK {SOUTH} Added 05/06/2005

Hey im bored so thought sign guestbook visit our website not finished yet due to exsams but soon we will be fully up and running

Website: http://www.squadab1.zoomshare.com Location: Kentucky,United States of America Added 04/23/2005

hello y'all, i'm very new to this site and really dont know what to do, i hope that the admins and other ppl and I can get to know each other, i hope to make some friends on here, i understand the rules, but i dont know if i can say this or not, but, i just made my own squad, and am trying to understand how to run it, i'd more then glad to have any help if you can give it, thx guys and gals.

Website: http://www.cp-hq.novahq.net Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee in the USA Added 04/17/2005

Hey guys,
Id just like to say hi to all my friends and holmies at NovaHQ. Yall have did excellent over the years in being one of the nest Nova Gaming sites around. Yall have came real far over the years, helping people, and making NovaHQ a home to many!

Visor*CP*/visor_dflw -Cheater Killer-NovaHQ Member

Website: http://www.silentraiders.com Location: worldwide Added 03/12/2005

Hi! Just a quick note. if your BANNED on silentraiders servers that’s -=SR=- servers not (SR) you have the chance to prove that you have not cheated and we have a strict rule no screen shot of cheat and no prove no fact then nothing said.
So if you do get BANNED its got to be very serious as we operate a 3 rule system.

Can you not play a game with out cheating?

1= warning
2= punted
3= warned then ban.

And if you wish to see the screen shots of the cheats then you have to log on to our members section (oops you have to be a member).

On a lighter note.

We have now started Internet access (1mb, 2mb) and also we now host gaming servers also team speak and ventrillo with license for hosting.
Check out


(ANTI CHEAT SERVERS) its all about playing the game.


Location: uk Added 02/27/2005

I find it most disturbing that squads such as Silentraiders seem to think that they are the nova police on cheating,ive been on there site, they list cheats without any evidence such as screen shots etc,they are getting themselves a real bad name on tfd for banning people who have done nothing more than give them a leason on how to play.Also i find it strange how they can bad mouth players list there ip address and get away with it,after doing some research on many servers i have been told on many occasions that "SR" AKA "Silentraiders" are actualy suspected of being cheats themselves or maybe there just laggers, i rest my case.

Final Judgement
Location: pennsylvania Added 02/24/2005

Hey. First off...Id like to thank you guys for supplying everything you could possibly want in ur DF games. But i need some help with the anacoda server manager. I can host it. i can find it on nova world. But i can not get in. itll say "joining session" and just wont let you in. im behind a router so it may be the problem (in most cases it is) so if you guys could email me and let me know what to do id be greatful