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By TerraNova 1,174 Downloads Website Added 10/20/2001 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: explw.zip

EXP:LW contains over 50 maps on 12 new terrains. New sounds and skies are also part of the package. All players must have EXP installed in order to play, so we recommend putting EXP in the game name when hosting.

By See Credits 713 Downloads Added 11/18/2012 2 Comments PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: AllDFLWMods.zip

All DFLW Mods in one archive
This will add all the mods for DFLW in one install.

Mod list includes:
DF2 Objects
Black Limo Fix
EXP Patch
DF1 Terrains A/B
TFD Terrains

By WATKINS Version 1.2 1,606 Downloads Added 01/27/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: TerrainViewer.zip

DFLW RandomCoops Standalone Terrain & Height Map Viewer
This program allows you to view all the stock
and exp terrains for Delta Force Land Warrior.

It shows you the color, height, and depth map.

Also included is a 3d picture of terrain.

By TerraNova Version 1.98c 2,839 Downloads Added 10/09/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: LW_c4medc1.zip

DFLW C4 Mission Editor (C4Med)
This allows greater precision when placing objects on top of each other due to the use of profile view (Wireframe Mode) You must check Collision Models for it to work! Includes C4 MIS to LW MIS converter.

By TerraNova / DV 742 Downloads Website Added 08/13/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DFLW File Name: DF2ObjectsInLW.zip

DF2 Items / Objects for DFLW
This adds dozens of DF2 objects including vehicles to DFLW. 7 New terrains are also added. Beta version. Everyone that wants to play on maps made by this mod, must have this mod installed.

By TerraNova 8,362 Downloads Website Added 05/05/2002 Add Comment PermaLink
Supported Games: DF1, DF2, DFLW, DFTFD, DFBHD, DFBHDTS File Name: PackIt.zip

Delta Force PackIt Utility
This utility will pack game files into the pff files for all versions of Delta Force (including the BHD Demo) and Commanche 4. It works with all versions of Windows.

The program can be used one of two ways:
You can drag your file(s) directly onto the packit icon in your DF folder or you can run the program and drag files onto it that way. Select the DF version when the program is running, it will remain that way next time you open it. It also offers the option to "Force" files to pack when they are already in the pff file and need to be overwritten. A dialog box tells you how many of your files were successfully packed.

We recommend keeping a copy in each DF folder. Packit must be in the DF folder to work correctly.