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Old 09-07-2005, 04:16 PM
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Confused Connors Hosting is needing your help!DONATIONS!

Please spread the word of Connor's Hosting. Connor's Hosting is looking for donators we are running out of money and may have to shut down some of our services.... Please find people to donate... I have ads on my site and may have to add ads on the sites that I host and I don't want to do that, I want you all to be able to have ad-free web hosting and free Teamspeak hosting but this isn't all free for me. I am looking into a new server for Teamspeak and a game server but I can't afford it all by myself. I NEED YOUR HELP. This is just all of the donations that are made to this site go back into it (i.e. better servers and more space)... I DO NOT LIE WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY... If I could get a few people to donate every month that would be the best. If you all don't know it Connor's Hosting is ran mainly by me (Connor) and I have staff but they aren't always around. I do not want to shut any of my services down I want to keep them all up and running and maybe get better plans and maybe sooner or later make this into a bigger business... I hope to keep most of my services free but I may have to start charging for other stuff like my web hosting and all of my scripts. Please take this into consideration and think about all the people that I host at this time: 50 Teamspeak servers and 27+ websites... And I haven't made any money off of it. It would be great if anyone could donate or find someone to donate. I have sent this via email to all my accounts (i.e. Web/Teamspeaks).

P.S. I take a lot of time and put it into this site and all of my hosting.


Connor's Hosting

<=CP=> Forums

Free PHPBB Forums

<=CP=> Teamspeak IP

Free Teamspeak Server

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Old 09-08-2005, 11:36 AM
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hey hope it'll be okay man, i'm sure some people will donate ... I hope this'll help ...
^^ Its just tiny adds for the main connar hosting pages, not for the sites that are hosted on them. I know alot of people find them helpful
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