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Delta Force Anything to do with the Delta Force series of games, DF1, DF2, LW, TFD, BHD, DFX, AF etc.

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Old 04-03-2021, 05:27 PM
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Offering a stats page!

If you are hosting a DF:BHD or DF:BHD TS server and you dont have any statspage to your server you are free to share the stats page I host.

All you have to do is to pm me your server name and I send you the upload link you need to put in the bmt.

It is all for free and it would just be fun to let more servers upload stats to the site.

The domain name is www.df-bhd.com.

It is a pure stats page.
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Old 04-04-2021, 07:49 AM
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Old 04-04-2021, 01:54 PM
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Hi there,

Yes I have a server running in BHD CQB.
I don't have stats. Some gamers asked me to put Babstats on but I don't know how it works.Don't have a webpage too.
What do you mean with the upload link you need to put in the bmt.
What means bmt ?

The name of my server is !~5107th CQB.
Please mail me on redlassam@hotmail.com.

Thanks and best regards
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Old 04-13-2021, 03:30 PM
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Hey Red Lassam, for Babstats you need a Website to show results

BMT = Babstats Multi Tracker

Install BMT on your game server, add game and details, run it.... results will show on a Website that has Stats software uploaded...
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