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Old 01-17-2004, 10:02 PM
DBC JungleHyena is offline DBC JungleHyena
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You ppl do not have a VIETCONG section here?

I personally think Vietcong is the BEST game ever. The realism is superb. Want an example for this? Want proof?

VIETCONG is a real Jungle Game. The graphics in Vietcong are so suberbly tuned that you can be laying down in a bush and an enemy MP player stands beside you, and still he doesn't see you!! I personally on multiple occasions was laying dowin in hiding and let past lots of enemy MP-gamers, that never noticed me laying down beneath their feet. Even using a scope or sniper rifle you need to look carefully to be sure that what you are targetting is an enemy or a tree-trunk!!

In DFBHD if an enemy is laying 1 meter from you, you can ALWAYS see him clearily. In VIETCONG, every bush or tree is an potential enemy!! You can never be sure!! That is how good the CQB graphics are in VIETCONG!! Try it, find out for yourself!!

The only disadvantage of this game is the poor MP-engine and the few MP games. To few maps for players to use and not enough game types. Though VIETCONG has a game type I have never seen in other games, ... where You allone or with other MP's can attack computer AI VC.

Still this game kicks and is a real refresher, .... I do hope they will make a VIETCONG II!!

This game has also some unique MP player types that you do not often see in other games. Like a Radio-guy (like in RTCW) but real cool implemented, way better then in RTCW.

Draw back are the small maps of VIETCONG, ... still this game is the KING of all MP CQB games ever, ... Better then DF and it scores lots of points, though DF scores better on other points, like map size.

If I had to choose between DFBHD and VIETCONG on QUANTITY and QUALITY, ... I'd give QUANTITY to DFBHD but QUALITY to VIETCONG.

If VIETCONG would have such major support behind it as DFBHD has, I'd be playing and talking VIETCONG now instead of DFBHD-ish.

Besides where do you think I got the Jungle from, infront of my current name Jungle Hyena??? From VIETCONG ofcourse!! Before this I mostly was named plain old Hyena or the Hyena or something like that.

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Old 01-18-2004, 02:03 AM
animal_mutha is offline animal_mutha
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sounds good... but i'm still waiting for battlefield: vietnam... then i'll make the comparison...but i've always gave priorities to the ones with more MP options though

still cant think of any other jungle warfare games better than Ghost Recon & Operation Flashpoint....hey waittaminute... nobodo ever mentions ops.flashpoint here.... none uof u guys played it or hated it?
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Old 01-18-2004, 02:07 AM
blueprint is offline blueprint
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Re: Vietcong

Originally posted by DBC JungleHyena
You ppl do not have a VIETCONG section here?[/IMG]
are you REALLY stupid? Would the reason there is no Vietcong section here be because it's DFhq? And vietcnog is not a df game?
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Old 01-19-2004, 07:30 PM
Warlike is offline Warlike
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tried vietcong for 3 weeks didn't care for it, found the weapons too inaccurate and half the time a guy with a single fire weapon wasted one unloading into him with a full auto, numerous times was killed by a guy with a pistol while I was undercover with an m60, flags is near to impossible to navigate also
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