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Delta Force Anything to do with the Delta Force series of games, DF1, DF2, LW, TFD, BHD, DFX, AF etc.

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Old 02-13-2023, 08:25 PM
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This one still needs play testing, but these screenshots look neat.

It's essentially a skeletonized German #1 reticle. I tried something different with the illuminated chevron that so often in the past didn't look right, but since I made the lines 3 pixels thick on this one, it seems to work. The rounded ends and corners adds a character to the sight that I like for now, but I might square them off later.

The subtensions are 5 mrads tall and 5 mrads apart. A target walking perpendicular to line of sight needs a 2.5 mrad lead, so you line 'em up between the tip of the chevron and the first verticle line. A target running perpendicular to line of sight needs a 7.5 mrad lead, so you line 'em up between the first and the second verticle line. I'm getting good hits that way, at least.

Can confirm that if you sight in on an enemy, and they are the same height as the chevron and verticle lines, they're about 400m away.

Actually just realized I could shorten the 5 mrad marks, and add 5 and 10 mrad divisions to the verticle...


Edit: Generally, this reticle isn't perfect, but it looks pretty good and I don't hate it. Extra subtensions seem helpful, and I tried to more closely match the translucency of the black lines to the red chevron. Targets in the new screenshot are all 1° apart at 100m intervals away, and I edited the map to bring my prone LOS up to their head level to make it easier to see how this reticle can make range estimation possible.

Edit again: And it turned into this. The last screenshot is of me hitting a guy running about 400-some-odd meters away.


Edit (final?): Took another crack at the one with thick lines and round corners. Made most of the dimensions a pixel smaller, and made the lenses glow a tiny bit red instead of green, as you can see in the dark screenshot. I think it works better than the previous thick/round version, and, man, I'm sick of working on it for now.

Edit (*sigh*): 5 mrads being 14.5537127 px at this magnification made setting subtension sizes tricky. I think I figured it out. Unrounded things, too. Because of the fun!
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