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Delta Force Anything to do with the Delta Force series of games, DF1, DF2, LW, TFD, BHD, DFX, AF etc.

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Old 03-15-2020, 01:50 PM
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Pesky server problem.


I have DFBHD running on a dedicated windows server. Anaconda is installed and working just fine. I even managed to find some of my old customs lying around

Then my luck changed. When I fire the server it appears on novaworld as it should. When I try to connect using another computer - I can not connect. I left the server running for a bit and saw no connections. I'm not sure if that means no one else can connect or nobody tried to connect.

Is this a common problem?

So far I've made sure my firewall is shutdown entirely, and UDP ports are open. I'm a neophyte at this so a hint how to ensure it's open wouldn't go unappreciated.

I'm kinda stumped. I am operating on a wifi network in which I'm not the admin. Could that be an issue?

Any help or suggestions are welcome!


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Old 03-16-2020, 08:16 AM
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Two things could be the issue here. If you're on a wifi network you can't control, odds are there is a firewall on the router blocking incoming traffic. You'd need access to open the game ports so you can forward them to the server.

Second problem is if you're on the same network with one server and one gaming pc while trying to join from novaworld using your public IP address. The server and gaming pc will attempt to use the same ports, so when your server sends packets to your client, your router will actually try and attempt to route them back to the server so your client will never receive the server packets. The fix for this would be to create a custom startup file that uses the servers LAN ip to connect. Some routers don't seem to have a problem with this, but many seem to.

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