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Old 04-09-2003, 02:36 AM
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Iraqi tv guide

06.00 - Morning Prayers

07.30 - "The Rock 'n Roll Years 629 AD" - A look back at the events of the
last year, including the execution of 2,300 dissidents and the opening of a
new French oil refinery.

08.00 - FILM: "Saddambusters" - Dramatisation of the glorious 1991 Iraqi
victory in Kuwait.

09.30 -"Have I Got Genocide For You" - Celebrities make weapons of mass
destruction out of everyday objects.

10.00 - "Holiday" - The team check out nice places for the Saddam family to
retire. Featuring: North Korea, Rhodesia and France.

10.30 - "M*U*S*T*A*S*H"

11.30 - "Tomorrow's World"- New torture inventions for scientists who refuse
to make nuclear bombs.

12.00 - "Green Peter" - The total amount of smallpox virus bought by the
milk bottle top appeal is revealed. Also - three ways to burn a flag, and
how to make a President Bush effigy.

12.30 - "Only Fools and Camels" - Dhal-Boy offloads some dodgy French
rocket-launchers to a bloke from Hamas.

13.30 - "Koranation Street" - Deirdrie faces execution by cat
o'nine tails for being a shiite. Benny is hung upside-down for being

14.00 - "Question Time" - Members of the public face awkward questions from
the Secret Service.

15.00 - "Allah McBeal"

15.30 - "You've Bin Ladened" - Amusing footage shot secretly in Iraq's
prisons. The film-makers were also secretly shot.

16.00 - "Middle-East Enders" - The entire cast is beheaded for not saluting
when Saddam comes on the telly.

16.30 - "Sadd's Army" - The Basra-on-Sea home guard repel another attack by
evil, imperialist, Zionist backed infidels. Fraser has his willy hacked
off for stealing some of Corporal Jones's sausages.

17.00 - "Wheel of Terror"

17.30 - "Talitubbies" - Dipsy and Tinky-Winky make nerve-gas.

18.00 - FILM: "Saddam's Angels" - The three burkha-clad sleuths go
undercover to expose an evil scheme to bring democracy and free speech to

19.30 - "Big Brother" - Who will be taken to Baghdad and executed this

20.30 - "Xena: Modestly Dressed Housewife" - Xena stays at home in a mask
and does some housework.

21.30-Buffy the Yankee Imperialist Dog Slayer

22.30 - "The Sky At Night" - What to see in the Iraqi night sky
during March: including B52 Bombers, Stealth Fighters and Cruise Missiles

programmes subject to change to due air time restrictions...

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Old 04-09-2003, 03:00 AM
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yea over all i think they really think Saddam is their god what he says they beleave if they don't beleave it they are dead.

1.) if they ever say they don't like what he's doing they be deheaded asap.
2.) if they pray too much they goto jail rock for a very long time.
3.) if they look funny they get a good shot in the head.
3.) if they don't pray for him they don't get anything but a bad life.
4.) over all they even die for the jerk on top of it all, but can't knock them down for it they don't have much to live for with him anyway.
5.) food is given to them for free its up for sale to the public to buy not to get it free.
6.) water/elec/food are not what they live by they live by pain of death.
7.) U.N inspectors were pay by IRAQ to inspec for items so they don't beleave they have to show them anything at all.
8.) they even got a clown to tell the world there are not at the airport or in their country at all.
9.) not to leave out the U.n rep/IRAQ ether all he can show he has no Iq at all can't wait to see him remove as a rep:Iraq it be the best thing ever happen getting tire see him on tv-cable.

bottom line they don't have much to live fore but they still have a good heart to die for these jerk
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Old 04-09-2003, 04:14 PM
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It was a joke Chief.

LOL bob, good stuff.

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Originally posted by Panther
For your sence of free speech, we will control how much you have here .
Originally posted by Steve
fak i clicked it to lol.

the message "this will disable it" should have been put before

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