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By Envy 24 DFX2 SP 3,076 Downloads Added 06/26/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Snow mission. You and your team mate will move in to enemy territory and sabotage their communication system. After that g to their base and eliminate the 3 commanders that gives orders in that location. Then move to extract. Bravo we don't know what's gonna happen, but expect heavy resistance.(I followed stompem's advice about the more aggressive AI [ty stompem]. In this map i hidden documents too!

By dave61 DFX2 SP 3,932 Downloads Added 12/10/2012 Updated 12/27/12 Add Comment PermaLink

Battle for LZ Loon-Hill 672
This map was jointly made by both Stompem & Dave61 (mostly thanks to Stompem ). Location: Hill 672. Approximately four miles southeast of Khe Sanh near the South Vietnamese border. Date:4-6 Jun 1968. Situation:You are surrounded by a battalion of NVA who are determined to dislodge your companies from this Hill. Your mission is to rescue a group of battle weary troops and defend Hill 672 and the LZ until chopper evac arrive.
Expect heavy casualties! This map has been modified!

By chopperprop DFX2 CO-OP 3,191 Downloads Added 01/18/2012 1 Comment PermaLink

Shadowraider 3
COOP map so bring your buddies. Look out for the dead zones. Fast paced game. Play hard and have some fun. This is a joint effort map put together by Stompem,Chopperprop,Floydfreak and Cuzin Vinny.

By SpecOpsSniper DFBHDTS SP 2,590 Downloads Added 08/26/2017 Updated 08/27/17 Watch video 6 Comments PermaLink

AJFP Extraction v2

Extract and Defend

This is the last map in the 1ST series of AJFP this is AJFP:IRAQ
the next chapter is coming soon....but i'l need some suggestion for the 2nd Chapter probably on Pakistani but this is the last map in this series,this map is advanced than any of my maps with special thanks to Stompem and Baldo_the_don.