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By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,964 Downloads Added 07/09/2011 Updated 07/11/11 Add Comment PermaLink

Stompem Skirmish - TDM
Work your way into an asymmetrical, and surrealistic venue. Control the map with your spawn points. It's all about tactical supremacy in this gorgeous map.

By stompem DFBHD SP 4,042 Downloads Added 08/28/2008 Add Comment PermaLink

Tunnel Insertion
This map works
Shoot and scoot

By stompem DFBHD SP 3,743 Downloads Added 08/28/2008 Add Comment PermaLink

Dark Infil
Another old build that I hope people will mod and improve on
This will test you on landing

By stompem DFBHD SP 4,138 Downloads Added 08/17/2008 Add Comment PermaLink

Operation_Night Alpha
I havn't figured out a true objective as I am impatient to publish so I can get feedback and build the to max capabilities

By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,591 Downloads Added 09/13/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

Chilla Well - Tanami
Both teams need strategy to pick their way to the dominant position in an abandoned complex somewhere in the Tanami Desert.

By stompem DFX2 SP 4,583 Downloads Added 05/14/2010 9 Comments PermaLink

Stray Bullet
Object: Destroy fuel tanks and eliminate hostiles.
There are no civilians in this area.
Use lethal force at will.
You will have the assistance of a local operative.

WAC enhanced

By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,916 Downloads Added 10/31/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Shadow Raider
Allude, Search, Seek and Destroy or Skulk in the Shadows.
Play as you will, through an environment designed to brings many classes of player together in an all out, any way you can...
Team Death Match.

By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,540 Downloads Added 07/07/2012 Updated 10/22/12 Add Comment PermaLink

The cave-TD
A map environment never tried before or very rare as far as I know...This is as it sounds, a real cave to test your skills. Everything is organized to provide a balanced but deadly scenario.

By stompem DFBHD SP 3,689 Downloads Added 05/29/2010 Updated 06/11/10 3 Comments PermaLink

Rooftop Down
A quick mission? Some find it hard to beat.
Quickly confirm downed Blackhawk status.
Then get the hell off that roof... destroy the 2 sets of radio stacks and get to the Exfil at Foxtrot

By stompem DFX SP 2,497 Downloads Added 03/23/2014 4 Comments PermaLink

Ranger One R3
To make sure users get this update I'm uploading this map again: This is due to users having difficulties with the original so this is a fully working revision of Ranger One... Enjoy!

By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,541 Downloads Added 10/19/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Hadron - TDM
Hadron: Team Death Match - Still with motorcycle jumps and multilevel mayhem, this is different again but in the same complex location as Hadron - TK. It won't be easy to be pinned down here.
With SP walk-through map.

By stompem DFX DM 2,290 Downloads Added 12/12/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

DM - Xmas Blades
Xmas with knives only... In an alien station on a snow covered mountain top. Map design supports fair gameplay with players respawning safely above the action - then it's back to the fray.

By stompem DFX SP 2,834 Downloads Added 07/23/2013 Updated 03/23/14 11 Comments PermaLink

Ranger One
UPDATED: Revision 3 - A remake of DFX2 Stray Paratroopers for DFX...after many requests. Conversions to DFX are not easy so I hope you enjoy it. A working DFX MIS file is included so there is no need to re-compile the BMS.

By stompem DFX2 CO-OP 2,840 Downloads Added 01/24/2012 3 Comments PermaLink

Castle Cragg-CP
This is an atmospheric Co-Operative mission with plenty of fight to keep you in the game...
Bridges, open terrain and cold mountain sides lead you to the fiercely defended stronghold...
Your team must figure out where the cunning enemy have hidden their assets and destroy them.

By stompem DFX2 DM 2,715 Downloads Added 12/16/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

DM - Xmas Blades
Made for DFX and DFX2 - It's Xmas with knives only... In an alien station on a snow covered mountain top. Map design supports fair gameplay with players respawning safely above the action - then it's back to the fray.

By stompem DFX2 SP 2,710 Downloads Added 11/15/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

Grass Fire Bleed Out Demo
Playable Demo - get past the perimeter guards and Ignite the fuel drums then escape in the Helo before the base blows up. If you are wounded too badly you will bleed out. Yellow OK - Red you're dead!

By stompem DFX2 SP 3,524 Downloads Added 10/29/2010 Updated 11/15/16 Watch video 1 Comment PermaLink

Volcano Demo
This map helps you make an Awesome Volcano.
MEd and WAC are working together.
You can see the eruption in several ways.
MIS and WAC included. No BIN.
Fast loading, low res PCX image.


By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,793 Downloads Added 07/06/2013 1 Comment PermaLink

Operation Barrage - TDM
Tested Online. More fun, fun, fun in a great setting but it's serious enough with a dangerous approach to a barrage loaded with sniper lairs, ins and outs, buildings, tunnels and structures.

By stompem DFX2 SP 2,935 Downloads Added 06/28/2013 18 Comments PermaLink

Greybird 2
An expansion of Greybird Extreme, many more hours in revision and with variable game-play. Go for broke with this one, more to do, more to kill, smarter AI, bug fixes, all working and can't be broken! MIS file included for modding if you dare! In Fun And Loving Memory Of Jimmy.

By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,802 Downloads Added 04/10/2014 Updated 10/14/19 2 Comments PermaLink

USS Vulcan - TD
Update: Missing .mis file uploaded

This brings the fight on and around a gigantic Aircraft Carrier - The USS Vulcan... View the uploaded image to see what you're up against.

By stompem DFX2 DM 2,649 Downloads Added 01/04/2012 2 Comments PermaLink

The Compound-DM
Rev1: Added more detail, cover, entry and scope.
This is Deathmatch for up to 32 players in the shadows or the open, plenty of hiding places but how long can you
hide? Bring it on fast and furious or skulk in the shadows around the compound...if you can!

By stompem DFX2 TKOTH 2,457 Downloads Added 10/02/2013 Add Comment PermaLink

Hadron - TK
Hadron - secret multi-level works of experimental evil: Circular Construction: Heights At Central KOTH: Motorcycles - Access All Levels: Zodiacs - Access All Areas: Vantage Points: Hidy Holes:

By stompem DFX2 TDM 3,054 Downloads Added 08/15/2011 Updated 08/17/11 Add Comment PermaLink

Your team spawns in a complex and toxic environment.
Fight your way out and escape to the surrounding heights to dominate this map.
32 Team spawn markers and plenty of CTF spawn points to control.

By stompem DFX2 SP 2,874 Downloads Added 03/23/2014 Add Comment PermaLink

DFX2 Ranger One
DFX2 Ranger One: A refined and updated remake of DFX2 Stray Paratroopers for DFX...now re-converted for DFX2. There are more options for insertion to the Canyon and enemy AI is improved. MIS file included. ENJOY!

By stompem DFX2 TDM 2,746 Downloads Added 10/07/2012 Updated 10/08/12 Add Comment PermaLink

This is "The Compound" redesigned for TDM (Team Death Match)....Stealth vs Firepower changes hands as the Players vie for control....Before you join the online affray, recon the map with the Single Player Walk-through and choose your favorite position for battle.