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By ilT.Nickle DFBHDTS SP 2,750 Downloads Added 04/26/2019 Updated 04/26/19 11 Comments PermaLink

Little Riot
Date: July 15th
Location: Olympic Hotel of downtown . Coast City

A number of high rank goverment officers are holding a meeting in the Olympic Hotel , there is expected to be gathering of civilians, your squad is being sent to protect civilians and hotel building with Victor 1.
Report to HQ if any emergency occurs.


Two endings
A hidden intel document
Two hidden goals

Strongly recommend BHDTS.
There may exists some bugs, tell me if you find, thanks!

By ilT.Nickle DFBHDTS SP 1,829 Downloads Added 09/01/2019 4 Comments PermaLink

Eye of Hurricane
Date: July 15th
Location: Slums on the north side of the downtown, unknown city

Your squad has arrested the leader of terrorists who had attacked Olympic hotel and regrouped with trucks convoy successfully in the last emergency named Little Riot.
But the alley is too narrow for helo to pick you up, your squad must escort the trucks convoy to find a clearing for helo to extract your squad and prisoner.
Attention: If those terrorists couldn't find their way to save their leader, they'll may try to kill him. Protect him at all cost.

By ilT.Nickle DFBHDTS SP 2,987 Downloads Added 03/23/2019 25 Comments PermaLink

Assault Of Infantry
Assault Of Infantry
Date: July 14th unknown year
Location: The Northern area of slums . Unknown City

We have a active situation:Numbers of local officer and guards are being held as hostages with some explosives around,three relief convoys are pinned down in different places and unable to make their way to rescue the hostages.
Your team is the last hope of this emergency,regroup with any ambushed convoy and rescue all hostages,the 10th armored convoy would reach the site as long as all bombs are disabled.We can't afford any more casualties,good luck!