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By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,165 Downloads Added 08/10/2017 6 Comments PermaLink

Under Preasure
This Is Single Player Mission. After Failed Stealth Operation Whole Town Is Gone To Hell. Situation is Absolutely Out Of Control. HQ Ordered All Units To Leave Red Zone And Extract As Soon As Possible. Our Guys Are Still Able To Defend One Of Town Exits. Your One And Only Objective Is To Get Your Men Out of There<<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 4,621 Downloads Added 03/18/2018 5 Comments PermaLink

Operation Lonewolf 2
>>> Black Hawk 6 1 Went Down Not Too Long Ago. We Can Still Save The Helicopter Crew And Pilot If We Act Real Quick. Unfortunately Convoy Has To Split Up In 2 Parts. Convoy 4 2 Will Take Hostages Taken In Previous Operation To Our Nearest Base. Since We Don't Have Much Time, Convoy 5 1 Will Go Straight To Crash Site To Secure The Area And Hold Positions Until Convoy 4 2 Arrives To Extract The Team And Survivors. Enemy Knows Exactly Where We Are Headed So We Should Expect Heavy Resistance And Roadblocks. Little Birds, Romeo 9 And Romeo 3 Will Provide Much Needed Air Support On The Way. Once Convoy 5 1 Reaches The Crash Site, Medivac Will Be Dispatched To Pick Up The Wounded. Upon Starting This Operation Command Will Give You Further Instructions. <<<

>>> Your Objective Is To Reach The Crash Site. Try Not To Lose Your Men As They Are Only Ones You Can Depend On.Your Primary Objective Is To Save Anyone Who Has Survived From Crashed Black Hawk Crew. <<<

>>> HINTS : Once You Get To Crash Site Search For Most Secure Spot For Yourself As Soon Your Entire Team Will Be Attacked From All Directions. <<<

>>> HINTS : Don't Waste Bullets. There Are No Ammo Crates Or Armories On The Map. Make Every Last One Of Them Count. <<<

>>> HINTS : Do Your Best To Protect The Crash Site From Overwhelming Enemies. Your Team Alone Will Not Be Able To Handle Incoming Wild Attacks. They Are All Mortals And Destroyable So Help Them <<<

>>> GOOD LUCK : File Contains READ THIS. Read It Carefully As You Will Find Many Things Very Interesting. Lunaticc Here. I Hope You Will Enjoy Playing This Mission. Good Luck And Have Fun <<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,145 Downloads Added 09/26/2017 5 Comments PermaLink

Nuclear Desert
>>> After Successful Recovery Operation We Got Our Hands On Very Dangerous Nuclear Weapons. Everything Was going As Planned Until Recent Sandstorm. We Lost Contact With Air Support. On Top Of That Visibility of the field is dropping more and more. it's Impossible To See What's Beyond 100 Meters. Convoy Must Retreat Now <<<

Hello Everybody. I tried to make this map very exciting and fun as well as realistic and Challenging. I Hope All of you will enjoy Playing it. Mission Difficulty is Pretty Hard. As Far As Picture of the Mission Goes... I could take screen but that cover photo is saying much of what you should expect in this mission. Good Luck And Have Fun

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 1,977 Downloads Added 07/19/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

>>>Everyone Has Played Counter Strike 1.6 Right? Classic Game With Classic Map : De_Dust. I Spent Countless hours of my childhood playing on that map and many others but De_Dust is most famous map. So Guess What I decided to remember some old good times and create DFBHD Version of De_Dust_Long. This Map is created just for fun. I tried to create as similar map as I could. I also added some little barricades there and there to use as cover. There is only 1 way to attack enemy. CT spawn is Team Blue. TT Spawn is Team Red. Have Fun<<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 2,033 Downloads Added 07/04/2017 6 Comments PermaLink

Abandoned Town
This is My Second and I guess Final TeamDeathMatch map i have created. Please Leave A comment. How good are my TDM maps? or are they good at all? Feel Free to be honest. Don't be Jerk though. Be Polite. If you want more TDM maps by me then definitely comment on this.
Map Description : Map is Big. it's for many people. Map has 6 roofs those could be used by Snipers. Map Has tunnel network as well (Mostly for CQB guys) Clays are at their Best in Tunnels. There are 6 Hammers circling territory. Getting out of map is impossible. I couldn't find glitches. As far as pic goes .... like i said earlier you have my apologies for that. My Pc is pretty old. Enjoy Map and don't forget to rate it so i know your opinion about this. or you can comment.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 2,021 Downloads Added 07/08/2017 4 Comments PermaLink

Ocean Fight
Ladies And Gentlemen, it's fishing time... ok Not really hehe. this is my third TDM map. I find creating tdm maps very easy and not fun. Therefore My next map will be either Cooperative or Single player Mission.
Map Description : Fight is taking place in the middle of ocean, on oil derricks. Third Floor is Blocked with barricades. Only way to attack enemy is through second floor. I even placed some arrows on ground to give you hint where to go. it's only 1 way to attack enemy and there is only 1 way you might be attacked by them so you will get used to map really soon. There are 5 PSP in total. Teams have enough time to capture 2 PSP for themselves with ease. However fifth PSP is right in the middle of map. Which Team is gonna be faster? Team Blue or Team Red? We will see about that.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP 2,155 Downloads Added 06/24/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

Noisy Town
This is My second map. much like first one this map does NOT contain any wac bin end and stuff. But you people liked my first map ,,Island Prison'' anyways. just Today I got New editor. So from now on my maps will improve more and more.
In this mission Ally Ground forces have been attacked by unsuspected enemy. They Have many wounded and taking heavy fire. HQ sent Reinforcements right away. You and 3 other choppers are nearest Air units so you get to reach designated area way too early. Your Mission is to Destroy enemy radio towers so enemy can't have the ability to call for their own reinforcements. After Destroying radio towers you must make sure your ground forces reach end of the town safely. Losing Ground Forces will cause game over. Good Luck.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,050 Downloads Added 10/15/2017 5 Comments PermaLink

Fallen Eagle
>>> 1993 Year. Battle Of Mogadishu. Black Hawk Went Down For The Second Time. Only 1 Pilot - Michael Durant Survived The Impact. Convoy Lead Was Trying It's Best To Reach The Crash Site But Time Was Running Out. Then Out Of The Blue , 2 Rangers, Gary Gordon And Randy Shughart Asked For Permission To Be Dropped Off Near Crash Site, In Fully Hostile Territory. This Was not Any Kind Of Order. This 2 Men Wanted To Risk Their Lives And Hold Positions Until Convoy's Arrival. Deep Down They Both Knew It Was Suicide Mission But They Never Faired. So They Got Dropped Off And They Managed To Defend Positions For Quite Some Time But It Was 2 vs Whole Town And Eventually They Got Overwhelmed By Somalians. Pilot Was Taken As A Hostage. And Rangers...They Both Died That Day But Their Name And Their Actions Still Live On. <<<

>>> This Time You Can Rewrite The History. Or Can You? Will You Be Able To Defend The Crash Site And Rescue The Pilot? It's All Up To You. Good Luck <<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 4,969 Downloads Added 02/03/2018 8 Comments PermaLink

Operation Lonewolf
>>> This is Command. Intel Reports That Aidid Leaders As Well As Several Extremely Dangerous Drug Dealers Have A Meeting In This Building To Discuss About ,,Peaceful Resolutions''. Since We Have A Pretty Good Idea Just What ,,Peace'' Truly Means For Aidid Leaders, We Will Not Let This Meeting To Run It's Course <<<
>>> Little Birds And Black Hawks Will invade Airspace. While Black Hawks Provide Air Support , Little Birds Must Drop off Rangers On Rooftops. Once Target Building Is Secured And All Evildoers Are Apprehended, Rangers Will Create Defensive Perimeter For Convoys Arrival. As They Arrive, Rangers Will Make Sure Caught Evildoers Are Ready To Extract. After That Convoy Will Return To Base To Refuel And Reload. Good Luck <<<

>>> Hello Everyone. How Have You Been? I am Finally Back. I Have Been Extremely Busy This Last Months. That's Why It Took Me So Long To Upload This New Map. I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It <<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,222 Downloads Added 07/11/2017 15 Comments PermaLink

Last Call
___Hello Everyone. Today I Am Back With Single Player Mission Map. And At Last , Now I can Provide Actual Picture Of Map As Well. I Put Huge Amount Of Time And Effort To Create This Mission. So I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It. Files Contain ,,READ ME'' So If You Have Any Problems Later On , Read It Carefully.
___Situation Description : After Accomplishing Many Deadly Missions , American Soldiers Finally Have Been Promised Sending Them Back To Their Families For A While , After Long Time No See. However, Situation Has Changed At The Last Minute. Once Again , Their Brave Hearts And Experiences Are Needed. Raging Soldiers Don't Have a Choice. This Is Their Last Mission. This Is Their Last Call...
___Mission Description : Enemies Fortified Themselves On This Island. They Think , They Have The Advantage. And They Do ... However , That Being Said , They Are Underestimating Us. We Are Going To Attack Island From Multiple Directions , Both From Sea And Sky. Once Their Defense Line Is Penetrated , Advantage Will Be Ours. We Will Destroy Them From Inside Out. We Will Not Stop. We Will Not Show Mercy. This Is The End Of The Line. This Is Our Last Mission. This Is Our Last Call...

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS TDM 2,036 Downloads Added 07/02/2017 Add Comment PermaLink

Unfinished Business
Hello Everyone. This Map is Not Single Player or Cooperative like rest of my maps. This is TDM. Do you Have what it takes to win? Then Let's go and Destroy Opposite Team.
Map Description : Higher The Number of Players, Better is gameplay. Conflict is Taking Place Between 2 Bases connected by Demolished road. Each Team owes 1 fortified camp. There are 4 PSPs in total. Each Team is meant to capture 2 for themselves at the start of the match. Also Each Team has it's own Black Hawk to provide Air Support. To Make Helicopter Fly , Shoot Barrels beside it. Black Hawks will move on circles and give players a chance to take a perfect look on enemy positions. Each time Helicopter will go close to Where it Started, it will slow down so you can get on it. All you need to do is press Shrift When it's too close and get on minigun and you are in for a second ride!
!!! Warning !!! helicopters will not actually land on roof and then go on another circle. They never stop moving. So you don't have Luxury of relax Soldier... Once Helicopter is in reach Just run to it and grab it's minigun. It's that Simple.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,198 Downloads Added 08/29/2017 11 Comments PermaLink

Heavy Rain
>>> This is Full On Assault Mission. Earlier Today, Our Ground Forces Trapped Enemy Leader And His Forces In This Town. They Have No Tunnel Networks to Escape underground. We Blocked Every Exit Of Town. Our Ground Forces Tried To Get Closer And Closer To Enemies But They Put Large Roadblocks Everywhere Making It Impossible For Ground Forces To Reach Them By Themselves. They Are Pushing Us Back With Everything They Got. That's Where You Come In. As A Leader Of Air Force Division , Your Are Leading 16 Elite Rangers Right Into The Center Of Hell. Your Objectives Are To Search And Destroy Everything Not American. Leave Nothing Behind. Your Most Primary Objective Is To Locate And Capture Enemy Leader. Upon Starting This Operation , Command Will Give Your Further Instructions. <<<

READ THIS : First Few Seconds Of game Will Be a Bit Laggy but then it will be absolutely fine. Map is Really Big And Loaded. You Need To Pay Attention To Texts On Your Left Below Corner. They Tell Your Very Important Things Such As Directions , Objectives , Hints And More. I Spent Nearly 2 Months Making This Map So I really hope All of you will enjoy playing it.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,159 Downloads Added 07/19/2017 9 Comments PermaLink

Dead Center
>>>This Single Player Map Contains WAC File Too. I spent nearly 2 weeks to make this mission. So I Hope you guys will like it. Orange Team is team of Sergeant. Violet Team is Team of Columbians. They Are Both Allies<<<
>>>Situation Description : Somalian Leaders Had Our Sergeant As Hostage For A While Now, Trying To Get All The Valid Information Out OF Him. Our Scouts Managed To Locate The Building Where Sergeant is being Held Without Being Detected. Intel Also States That City Is Full OF Armed Somalian Forces While Building Where Sergeant is being Held Is Located Right in The Center of City, Which Makes Situation Extremely Dangerous. Good News is Columbian Forces Promised Us Aid If things went out of control. This is Not Gonna Be Walk On The Beach. The Success Of This Mission is 50/50 at best. Good Luck Soldier!<<<
>>>Extra Information : You Have Only 1 Objective to fulfill and that is to get sergeant out of red zone. Stay Near To Him At All Times. Also Pay Attention To Custom texts on left below corner. They Give You Hints About Situation And What To Do.<<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS CO-OP 2,138 Downloads Added 07/01/2017 1 Comment PermaLink

Shaky Road
______Welcome To My Asylum This is Strictly Cooperative Map. Single Players will be Crushed like Ants. This Map is For AT LEAST 3 Players Who are Really good in Teamwork.______________________________
______In this Mission, Rebels are trying to take over whole town. Ground And Air Forces have been sent to neutralize the situation. Whole Town is gone to hell. While This madness is taking place in town, Our scout drones detected Nearby located Fortress. We have high activity of enemy forces in Fortress territory. After you will reach Second Spawn point, you will notice 3 Little birds. They are inbound to penetrate enemy fire line and drop you right in the middle of Fortress. Also Be careful not to walk on little bird's blades... always crouch before getting off it or you will die.__________________
______Objectives : 1) According to Intel , There are 2 Garage Buildings with some dangerous verhicles in it as well as some radio equipment. Destroy Them! 2) Scout Drones located 3 Communication Towers under use of enemy forces. Show them no mercy. Eliminate Them!
After Fulfilling Objectives, Ally Forces will Show up Shortly. Good Luck Soldier!

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 513 Downloads Added 12/19/2019 7 Comments PermaLink

Lost Sheeps
>>> This Is No Longer A Misunderstanding. This Is No Longer fairness. This Is Genocide. Over This Few Months, Somalian Terrorists Have Commited More And More Violent Actions. Our Goverment Tried To Stay Out Of Somalian's Business, But Now Situation Is Getting Out Of Control. Terrorist Groups Forced Peaceful Starving Civilians To Give Up Their Food And Their Houses Only To Burn Them. Many Innocent Was Killed. Towns And Villages Got Deserted. And In This Final Hour, Finally Our Goverment Takes Action <<<
>>> 2 Days Ago Massive Civilian Extraction Has Begun. Since Our Forces Moved In, Enemy Groups Retreated. We Are transferring Locals To Our Nearby Compound. Everything Was Going Smooth Up Until Now. However,Due To Heavy Sandstorm,Visibility Is Reduced And This Creates Perfect Situation For Possible Ambush. Therefor,Our Forces Set Up Defence Corridor And We Will Go Right Through It <<<

>>> HELLO EVERYONE. Been A While. I Am Now More Busy Than Ever. However I Still Managed To Create This Bit By Bit. And I Have Good News. I Have An Idea For An Entire Campaign : ,,Lost Sheeps'' is just first mission. My Champaign Is Going To have Many Other In Story Like Mod. I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy This <<<

>>> My Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/irakli.gudadze <<<

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP, CO-OP 2,134 Downloads Added 06/21/2017 23 Comments PermaLink

Island Prison
This is My First Try of Editing. So Don't expect anything extraordinary. This Mission is Single Player However I made it playable for Cooperative too (it's not like it's hard for single player and easy for coop So you can have some fun times with your friends as well.
And Sorry about picture. My pc has problems lately and I can't take pics.
So in this mission You are entering in enemy territory with boats under cover of Air Support. Your Allies are staying on boat. You can also stay on boat and shoot from 50cal or you can go on Helicopter and be air support yourself. preventing your men from dying is NOT main priority however if you did manage to prevent them from dying, they will be great asset later on. In Order to win the map you have to complete following objectives : 1)Destroy Enemy Verhicles 2) Destroy Enemy Helicopters 3) Destroy enemy radio towers and 4) Free their hostage. WARNING: You need to destroy radio towers first and then try to free the hostage, which is located on second floor of building.
As I said before this mission is Single Player BUT it can be played as team. Coop fans will have good time.
By the way I tried to put some sound affects and conversations but they are too complicated for me and I failed to do so. Even though I think this version of map is worth giving a shot.

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 2,094 Downloads Added 08/01/2017 10 Comments PermaLink

Rise Of Terror
>>>Hello Everyone. It's Been A While. I am back With Another Single Player Mission. With That Said...Are you Ready to Be A Bad Boy?<<<
>>>DESCRIPTION : This is Small Mission packed With Actions Both From Your And Enemy Sides. You Are Somalian Soldier Fighting Against Americans. If This Mission Will Be Well Liked, I will create Second part of this Storyline. In Short This Mission Is Something New For DFBHD Community And I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing It. Don't Forget To Leave Comments. Give Me Your Opinions And Suggestions.<<<
>>>OBJECTIVES : Remain Stealth Until Right Time Comes. Then Strike And Destroy Everything On Your Path Except Supply Trucks. Securing Supply Trucks Is Your Primary Objective. Villagers Are Not A threat so don't kill them. Last Thing We Need Now Is To Deal With Local Ambushes. Your Secondary Objective Is To Kill Or Capture Enemy Sergeant. If Captured then Better. We Cannot Afford To Lose Here. Good Luck...If You Need it... <<<
>>>HINTS : Pay Attention To Texts On Your Left Below Corner. They Tell You What To Do In Details. Don't Rely On Waypoints. Your Waypoints On Radar Will Disseppear Shortly After Game Starts So Don't Freak Out When You Don't See Any Arrows And Don't Think It's a Glitch. As I Said Earlier only Thing you Need To Rely on is Texts And Your Judgement.<<<
>>>https://www.facebook.com/irakli.gudadze<<< In Case You Want To Contact Me As Far As Mail Goes Well... I am not much of a user of it so Facebook is only way to contact me. Once Again I Hope All Of you Will Enjoy this map. And I am out Peace

By Lunaticc DFBHDTS SP 3,929 Downloads Added 07/17/2018 8 Comments PermaLink

Operation White Rabbit
Mission Briefing >>> Interrogation Reveals That There Will Be Meeting Of 3 Top Enemy Leaders On This Island. Subject Of Meeting Is Buying New Weaponry, New War Technology, Drugs And E.t.c. Whatever They Are Going To Plan, One Thing Is For Sure - It Will Be Nothing Good For Us Or For Peaceful Civilians. Therefore, We Must Take Action Before it's Out Of Our Hands. <<<

Primary Objective >>> Capture Or Eliminate All 3 Of Enemy Leaders Before They Escape <<<

Mission Situation >>> Earlier Today Our Ground Forces Have Been Sent In. Not To Capture Leader Or Anything. They Just Set Up Defensive Perimeter To Hold Their Ground. Sending Ground Forces In Was Just A Trap. A Diversion. A Key To A Victory In This Operation Is Not The Ground Forces. It's Air Forces Which Includes You And Your Highly Trained Team. While Enemy Is Too Concentrated On Our Ground Forces, 6 Choppers Will Attack Enemy Right In The Opening, Crushing Their Central Core. This Will Cause Enemy To Be Disorganized For A While
Which Will Give Us Advantage. Element Of Surprise Must Be Sustained Until You Capture All 3 Of Leaders. Once That's Done, Chopper Will Extract Hostages Along With You And Your Team. <<<

HINTS >>> Do Not Waste Bullets. Or You Might Find Yourself In Huge Trouble. <<<

HINTS >>> Palace Doors Are Indestructable Until You Destroy Trucks And Radio Equipment In Garage. So Destroy Garage First. Then Go For Palace. <<<

Hints >>> There Are 3 VBL Cars In The North As You Will Soon Find Out. 2 Black And 1 Blue Marked On Your GPS. You Must Take Blue Car. Black Ones Are For Your Teammates. <<<

Hints >>> While Crossing Enemy Patrol, Do Not Shoot Them Or Your Disguise Will Be Blown And Your Team Will Be Inevitably Killed Along With You. <<<

HINTS >>> Don't Shoot Yellow Enemy Chopper When Chopper Chase Will Start. Your Allie Chopper Is Gonna Take Down Enemy Chopper With Very Spectacular Way. Just Watch And Enjoy Show <<<

Mission End Results >>> You have Successfully Captured And Prisoned 2 Enemy Leaders. You Failed To Capture Third But Since You Managed To Stop His Escape Attempt By Killing Him, Your Mission Is Accomplished. Well Done Commander. <<<

Mission Difficulty >>> Medium - Hard <<<

Possible Saves >>> 6 <<<

>>> File Contains READ ME FIRST Text File. I Hope All Of You Will Enjoy Playing This Operation. Don't Forget To Rate And Leave Comment. Good Luck And Have Fun. <<<