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By Dodoka22 DFLW SP 2,177 Downloads Added 07/28/2014 Add Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: DF2 Objects DFLW

World in Flames Chapter 2:Camp Hill
The second part of my DFLW Map series, World in Flames.

In this mission you need to destroy 3 SAM launchers, obtain enemy documents and eliminate all hostiles!This is a really quick map, you can beat it in about 10-15 minutes.More info in the .txt file.

IMPORTANT!!! In order to play the map, you need DF2 and TFD items for DFLW!

First, download DF2 items here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=240

After that, download and install TFD items here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=307