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By tony991 JOTR SP 5,717 Downloads Added 01/13/2019 1 Comment PermaLink
MOD Required: World In Quarantine

Silent Hill: The Lost City
After losing your wife to cancer one year ago, your daughter Maggie has fallen into a deep depression. She ran away from home five days ago. The police haven’t had any luck finding her. Unable to sleep you walk into her room. You find several drawings on her nightstand that were not there before. You sit down on her bed and examine the drawings. All the pictures are drawn in grayscale with pencil but they smudge very easily like ash from a woodstove. They’re very detailed. There’s an old church with a bell, a decrepit water tower, a dark alley and an old house with a strange man looking out the second floor window. Each drawing says “CAN’T ESCAPE SILENT HILL” on the bottom right corner. The City is three hours east from here. You look at the clock on the wall; it says 3:06 am. You take the drawings off the table, fold them up and put them in your pocket. You then grab the keys to your truck and start driving to Silent Hill...

This map is made for World in Quarantine mod.
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