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By Luis DFBHD SP 3,623 Downloads Added 09/16/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Soundset tutorial
How to use soundsets in your maps and has an small list with some SS commands.

By Luis DFBHD CO-OP 5,074 Downloads Added 03/07/2009 Updated 01/12/11 Add Comment PermaLink

The Assult (COOP)
I dont make this map. I only submited it here. You need to destroy all helicopters to win.

By Luis DFBHD SP 4,749 Downloads Added 03/07/2009 Updated 01/30/11 3 Comments PermaLink

C-130 Rescue - SP
I do not make this map. Credits to David Snow. See readme for details.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,769 Downloads Added 02/26/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Apocalypse Now + Link
I don't make this map, credits to Butthead.
Hard singleplayer mission.

By Luis DFBHD TDM 3,479 Downloads Added 08/19/2011 1 Comment PermaLink

Delta Black
Small teamdeathmatch map with two PSP's and miniguns in each base. Some buildings for sniping.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,768 Downloads Added 06/19/2011 5 Comments PermaLink

Sabotage Mission Three
Made by David Snow. You need to get in a enemy compound then destroy all cars and weapon crates.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,750 Downloads Added 02/26/2011 1 Comment PermaLink

A Night on Guard Duty
I don't make this map, credits to David Snow.
Small and easy mission.

By Luis DFBHD TDM 3,603 Downloads Added 06/08/2011 3 Comments PermaLink

Sky Battle
Small teamdeathmatch map with 1 psp in the middle. You can get in a Black Hawk with miniguns. Good to use with CQB.

By Luis DFBHD SP 4,887 Downloads Added 02/26/2011 Updated 03/07/11 11 Comments PermaLink

Duty on Haiti III
I don't make this map. Credits to joselz.
This is a fun mission, realistic with good decorations.

By Luis DFBHD TDM 3,647 Downloads Added 02/22/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Desert Conflict
Small teamdeathmatch map good for CQB with some good places for snipers.

By Luis DFBHD SP 4,195 Downloads Added 05/31/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Strafe Run
Little Bird strafing run without rockets.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,895 Downloads Added 02/26/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Coup and Rescue
Another great map from David Snow. Singleplayer, fun, big map, good history.

By Luis DFBHDTS CO-OP 3,927 Downloads Added 06/13/2011 6 Comments PermaLink

Low Dust
Cooperative map for Delta Force Black Hawk Down. This is a hard mission. Please, read the 'ReadMe' file for objectives, tips and warnings. Thank you for downloading!

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,729 Downloads Added 02/26/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

City in Siege
I don't make this map, credits to David Snow.
Big map with great history, fun.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,910 Downloads Added 01/11/2011 7 Comments PermaLink

Operation SFT
This is a small and hard mission on a ghost town on Somalia. A small surprise on the end. I hope you will enjoy it like how i enjoyed making this map.

By Luis DFBHD SP 4,499 Downloads Added 06/29/2011 12 Comments PermaLink

Night Raid
Night mission where you need to destroy a radio-tower equipment and grab some documents to stop the militia from transmiting anti-UN propaganda through the city.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,929 Downloads Added 06/03/2011 7 Comments PermaLink

Red River
Black Hawks are destroyed in the cost of Somalia by some SAMs Anti-air guns. You need to destroy these SAMs so the civilians will get foods. Good luck, 2-1!

By Luis DFBHD TDM 3,521 Downloads Added 02/17/2011 Add Comment PermaLink

Maniac Playground
Team Deathmatch map with two secrets things: Destroy the power generator to turn off the lights and a teleport place. This map is small and good for CQB/Gunner.

By Luis DFBHD SP 4,046 Downloads Added 08/24/2012 Add Comment PermaLink

Car bomb
This is a car bomb test map with many effects. More info you can check the `Readme`file.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,797 Downloads Added 05/29/2011 32 Comments PermaLink

Singleplayer Map Pack
Some of my work is in this pack. I added a unfinished map, for someone that would like to edit and finish it. Sorry for the screenshot. I hope you enjoy playing like me making them.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 4,072 Downloads Added 05/26/2011 10 Comments PermaLink

Operation Ocean Assault
The final version of Ocean Assault. I added new effects and more enemys, and some new buildings. You need to eliminate everyone in that base, near Pacific ocean, then you will win. Thanks for downloaing, rate and comment.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,956 Downloads Added 03/04/2011 6 Comments PermaLink

Searching for Aidid
On this map you need to search and kill Aidid. We send with you a support squad, that have:
Two Little Birds with armed miniguns and rockets;
A Black Hawk with two miniguns and soldiers on it;
And a Delta team with four members;
Good luck, 5-1.

By Luis DFBHDTS SP 3,748 Downloads Added 08/28/2011 2 Comments PermaLink

Insertion Building - Demo
This is a demo map. I'm currently working on it. Delta team will secure the target building and secure the hostages before extraction.

By Luis DFBHD SP 3,660 Downloads Added 08/24/2012 1 Comment PermaLink

Rotor smoke tutorial
This is a tutorial map showing how to make the `rotor hit smoke` effect in the black hawk helicotper.

By Luis DFBHD SP 3,868 Downloads Added 03/31/2011 Updated 09/04/12 1 Comment PermaLink

Sample map modified
My modified version of 'sample' map that come with the game. Updated sep. 2012.