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Old 10-03-2006, 11:38 AM
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Waypoint Problems?

Hope my engl. is good enough
for u to understand my Problem.

Ok... I'm using DfXMed for editing an have build a

My Group (blue) have a Waypoint-List to the first Base
that they must clear.

Is there any way to show one Waypoint after another
if the Group hase reached one Waypoint (expl. If Group reached WP 1 the Arrow (on map) show
to to WP 2) without to make a Area/Trigger on each WP?

2. How to use the last crossed WP as a Spawnpoint?

Ok. my Group (blue) has clear all Enemys at Base 1
Now i want to let them go to Base 2.
I made another Waypoint-List for that.

How can i hide these WP-List (so that they dont show on
the beginning of the Level) and make it visible.

... Greets ... Twix ...
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Old 10-04-2006, 08:20 PM
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(questions 1 and 2) If you have made subgoals wins for the 1st waypoint, you can use those subgoal wins as an advancement event. Just click on the 1st Player waypoint and open the attributes window for the waypoint and on the right, near the top, you'll see "advancement event". Click on the drop down and you'll see the events that you made. Just choose the event of the subgoal win and click OK. After you win those subgoals the waypoint will advance to the next waypoint and you will then respawn at that 1st waypoint after you are killed.

You don't really have to use a subgoal win as an advancement event. Any event will do.

To hide the waypoints make an event (with no trigger) and choose the "show waypoint" action. Then select the 0 to hide the waypoints.To show the waypoint again, make another event (with a trigger) and choose the "show waypoint" action then select the 1 to show the waypoints.

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