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Old 06-05-2007, 06:14 PM
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eek ..::Attention Squads::..

Attention Squads

There’s always a solution to save a Squad from disaster withers its by just Folding up Shop and disappearing or going to another squad that’s already established and starting from the bottom. In which results to feeling non-important and losing contact with longtime friends whom you have played with for years.
Squads are steadily disappearing wither they have only 3 to 5 Members or 10 to 20 Members it happens.

We ask ourselves!

1. Well inactivity is the biggest issue with people having Families and other responsibilities it’s not easy to keep an active roster.

2. It’s been a while since a Great Online Game has hit the market that catches everyone’s attention as BHD did when it first hit. This result into Game Wondering is what I like to call it. You know when you join your TS and see 1 member in Guild Wars Channel and another in BF2 Channel and then some here and there.

3. Cheaters with these lame ass Hacks running through our Servers and joining our Squads, which results a bad image through out the community to a degree.

Now the solution to all these problems!

The 21st offers its Services, as we are proud to help anyone within the community along with create a Huge Legion of nothing but a great mixture of people and personalities.

We are offering Squads a Home with no out of pocket cost!

Your Squad will be considered apart of The Legion within The 21st.

The 21st will be setting up tournaments in House to keep the excitement rolling.

The 21st is apart of the ACL, which ACL Members will constantly monitor our Server to help prevent cheating.

Everyone has a voice at the 21st not just Ranked Individuals or Owners. Owners laid a foundation as you have built the Kingdom so therefore it’s ours together!

One other thing to consider the 21st does not ask its members for donations or contributions all game servers; websites and voice communications is paid for so you can concentrate on gaming.

For Further Information Feel Free To Contact Me
Xfire: twistedgraphix
Email: kain@21stgladiators.com
Website: www.21stgladiators.com

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