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Old 05-15-2018, 07:08 AM
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COD WHY? NovaLogic Staff and COD

Hey ive been waiting 4 years and some player even waited more than 11 years for this game "Delta Force: Angel Force" even i dont have the money to but it but some staff and devs AND sound devs went to work at...great i forgot it again..

I remember this video in cod:mw that aDelta Force squad is sent to rescue a GIGN SQUAD trapped inside idk im not a cod player (because of lack of funds and pc specs) they were in this building and i heard the [B]SAME[B] VOICE in Marka Breakdown
I remember the team was just right before they reached the balcony....wait what?

(Sees Battlefield box at Video Game Stand)...
(Sees "min specs.....)
(Searches on Youtube"Battlefield")
(Clicked video then SAW the SAME SAS TEXTURE WTFRIES

Since DF was a legend was legend in the past the game devs might be already copying it! Or

Since the Staff at NL worked there on The GAME COMPANY where cod was developed while the staff at NL that works on the cod company the staff was emotional feeling was damaged and other blahs caused them to use there own texture in the game!


CEO of cod*:hey you former NL worker, lets take a look at nl's game "delta force" damn the graphics are bad the buildings seems to be copied everywhere!

NL worked:well...

CEO of cod:since the game has negative reviews and bad you know, were working on a game that is better! We could use a help from your hands.

NL worker:hmm since nl's ceo is a douchebag i think i will use my textures to this game, perhaps we will gain alot of money here. Am i right?

Ceo of cod/bf:yeah! Thats the spirit!

So you would understand..if NoT...
Ask somoene
*not bashing only wondering
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