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Old 12-10-2020, 12:18 PM
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Sad Medic chopper

I have a question please answer
How can I set that a medic chopper come to help an injured ranger
Please answer
Thanks a lot
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Old 12-11-2020, 11:34 AM
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Medevacs are neat, but they are not practical. I think NeverLogic's idea was for a set piece to increase tension, but I don't remember ever seeing a medevac in the DFBHD campaign. They might even have wanted to work medevacs into MP missions, like, if you die, the medevac comes in to take you back to spawn or something. I have no evidence for this idea, but it would've been neat.

I've attached a short demo mission I made for another player. I need to update it with a custom .bin and some .wac messaging with some less than obvious details, but it'll give you some insight on the trick. The .mis is included so you can see what I set up in the mission.

I'll tell you this much here: after your teammate goes down, you have to eliminate all resistance. Once the area is secure, the evacuation will trigger, but...

Teammates have a 30 second "death timer," so if you break line of sight — that means if a building or wall or something gets between you and the teammate's body, you can look away from him if you have to, just don't hide behind anything — if you break line of sight with the body 30 seconds after he goes down and you haven't shot all the enemies yet, his body disappears and the medevac will not trigger. Once all the enemies are down, the evac triggers, and it's safe to get behind stuff.
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