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Old 03-14-2007, 03:30 AM
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[Sad] Soldier: "Sergeant ordered Iraq killings"

freaking sad to think this can happen.

do things so blindly and go ahead follow order in this manner.

full news release Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17599743/

small quote:
"I shot him (the first detainee) where his heart should be. I moved from right to left. I took aim in the same manner and aimed for the heart and the head," Hunsaker said.

Hunsaker said that after the detainees were shot, Girouard cut him with a pocket knife, saying, "It's got to look good."
i join the service long ago (U.S-Army Infantry) back in 1977 till 1987

and yes we were told to follow order even if they was bad one to follow them anyways afterward report it in to the chain of command, believe me there was some order off the wall i would never think i hear.

all will be counted for their action and get their due's for this shameful act.
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Old 03-14-2007, 07:21 AM
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Ulf Henricsson, Swedish commander in Bosnia:

- Jag hör till dem som vägrat lyda order. Det fanns en måttlig förståelse från Högkvarteret för hur vi hade det i regniga och kalla Bosnien. När jag tyckte att mina överordnade blev för korkade stängde jag av kommunikationen.

I'm one of those that has refused to follow orders. There was little understanding from the headquarters of how it was in rainy and cold Bosnia. When I thought that my superior's became too stupid, I shut the communication off.

He said one thing that stuck with me.

In short he said: A leader should take the fight upwards in command chain and be smoth downwards, most unfortently take the struggle downwards and is smoth upwards in command chain.

He always took the struggle upwards because he knew that no one would listen to him if the went by every wink of the higher commands, it's just to simple to take it down in the command chain

And he's also keen on, don't tell someone what to do, show them and make them follow you!

I think thats one of the best things anyone's said when it comes to leadership.

He was loved by the soldiers that followed him, hated by those he was to obey. But he got his objectives done with everyone still alive afterwards. He cept cool during the kidnapping of the Swedes by the HVO. He switched those being in captivity through food transports that he had diplomaticly arranged with the HVO. In other words, they rotated those that ware kiddnaped with those in the food transport without HVO knowing a thing about it

HVO hated the Swedes becouse they took a side in the conflict, not strange considering all the torture they saw, they ware only allowed to watch when HVO burnt children and women alive, raped girls and tortured for hours. So they said, to hell with this and went after the HVO. The HVO in turn did everything in their power and attacked the Swedes constantly with mortar bombardments, sniper fire, kidnapping. The camp was in a walley, with higher ground around the whole camp. Thankfully the Swedes whos backup only consited with the Danish tank crews (that did their tasks in a heroic way!), no other backup existed in the Swedish controled area, they ware later backed up by Canadians but they saw the situation and the Swedes as to complicated/dangerous. So they ware later inforced by the FFL, the right type of compleet maniacs as the Swedes/Danes

Sorry went somewhat off topic!

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