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Old 12-30-2011, 07:53 PM
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DFX2 - hack, game fault or map error ?

This refers only to Team Death at the moment

Recently testing a map I noticed a peep I had just killed reappear 200m away from the nearest spawn, instantly into action and firing away.
1. Is it a hack or game error?
2. Can it be stopped?

I suspected it could be done by throwing a satchel down and leaving it unexploded, therefore on death returning you to unfinished business but it didn't work on testing, what I need to know now?

Is it ok to turn off single player re-spawn in the editor before compiling the mission as I am pretty sure this could disable the hack or game error whatever it is or is it my fault, if anyone is familiar with this one your help would be highly regarded.

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Old 01-10-2012, 09:43 AM
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Are you saying that, you shoot the player, and he instantly spawns where he died?

If so, that's a glitch with the start markers. Either they aren't set up correctly in the map editor, or it is a corrupt marker. Check your markers to see if they are numbered correctly (no repeats, correct order).

Try cutting and re-pasting your start markers on the map(this "re-does" the markers on the map, which can possibly get rid of corrupt markers).

I don't think Single Player respawn actually matters for multiplayer. I would imagine it's only coded to work in single player, which is probably a completely different code path. (You never know, though - it is Nova, after all)

For TDM, you're going to want to use "Start, Blue Team" and "Start, Red Team," and make sure there are no "Start, Player" markers on the map.

If you want, send me the .MIS file, and I'll lend you an extra pair of eyes to see if it's something with the map. My main guess would probably be, like I said above, probably either incorrectly placed markers, or corrupt markers.
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