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Old 03-10-2021, 06:10 PM
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Making more parts... Carburetor orifice edition...

Making things like that will make you blind... Had to put the part in the lathe and take it out with a pair of surgical forceps...

Traced the idle problems on my new carburetor down to the idle air bleed which was way too big, had a 0.050in orifice... This leaned the idle circuit out so much that the idle mixture screw had to be out 7-8 turns for the engine to even idle half way decent, but it was too far out and the screw had minimal effect and the plugs would foul badly... idled rough as hell and would burn your nose from the rich condition... I made another air bleed with a 0.035in orifice and pressed the old air bleed out and pressed the new one in... Was real fun drilling with a 0.035in drill bit on a 65yr old manual lathe... But i got it installed and now it idles a lot better with the idle mixture screw only out 2.5 turns and the plugs no longer foul while idling... Ran it up and down the road a few times and checked the plugs... They aren't a rust brown but they are a real light tan, indicating that the jetting is about where it needs to be... But hopefully this will get me back to a higher fuel mileage because the old carb got me about 16mpg on a good day if i kept my foot out of it...
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