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Delta Force Anything to do with the Delta Force series of games, DF1, DF2, LW, TFD, BHD, DFX, AF etc.

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Old 11-09-2012, 09:45 PM
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Some kind of WAC Builder

This is something I've been working on for fun in my spare time:

So, you're pondering right now, wouldn't writing a WAC file on notepad just be easier? Well STOP! ... Maybe...

But fear not, as I plan on updating this post in the future and improving the program greatly. As you can see now, it's ugly and buggy as heck, but this will change in the future.

I plan to actually make the program actually worth your while (and better than conventional notepad) with these features:

- Better WAC File management - see what WAC files are in your game folders

- Never worry about WAC formatting again or looking WAC programming language up - the program will do that for you

- Open up, edit, and save ANY WAC file, including ones not made in this program. No special formatting required.

- Add titles to your WAC statements

- Multiple game support (except probably JO, but it will probably be 'unofficially' supported because I'm guessing that it's similar to DFX map building-wise)

- An efficient, familiar interface based on the Novalogic MED.

- Manage WAC code lines - Add, delete, copy, paste, and move lines of code around without worrying about erroring your map out.

- Play samples of wave files from the game you're working with

- I'll work in wavelists somehow when selecting a wave to play in game

- Colored info and console text made easy.

- Usable variables constants within the program - for example, if you wanted to use an SSN multiple times, or a mission variable value multiple times

- Much more

Basically, this is not only for people who find the concept of WAC script either boring or too annoying to learn, but also for people that know how to make WAC files but want it done faster and easier. The ultimate goal is to make a program that someone with some MED experience, but no experience making a WAC file can use.

This will be updated in the future when I have the program in a semi-decent state. Right now, It's somewhat functional, but needs a lot of work.

Comments? Suggestions? Feature requests?
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