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Old 07-18-2009, 12:18 PM
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Important AW2 Mod Update coming soon

Posted By Wolfseye

 We are very sorry to say that there has to be an Update for the AW2 Final, and that will be coming soon.

Let me explain why there is the need for an Update.

The Development of the AW2 Final was quite long. Long long long before Novalogic came out with their "Beta" executables that raised the Version Number over the commonly known Version which you got from the last official JO Patch that was released by Novalogic a long time ago.

The new "Beta" executables brought a couple of changes, some of them were to support Novalogic's need for Money (Squad Tags), and, that might be the only acceptable reason for the changes, Widescreen Support for TFT Widescreen Monitors.

A few other so called Performance issues were tried to "fix" some things, but I have to question that this was really successful. I remember reading those Posts on Novaworld2, about the new Executables that came out til the last Version to see was the

Like i said, the Development of the AW2 Final was a long process, and compared to that timeline, the new Exectuables came out roughly after we were like 98 % done with the AW2 Final. We didnt expect that the new Executables would cause much more damage to our Files. We should have known better, considering the source of these Files.

We were very lucky to have a few very helpful connections to people that knoww a lot about Modding and what the Engine can do and cant do. That way we found out that certain Objects (Buildings etc.) would cause crashing the Game when you walk into them, sometimes single Objects, sometimes in a certain combination of Objects. We could fix some of these Issues that were caused by the new Exectuable, but it seems there are still more Objects that have the same issue.

A lot of those Objects were part of the original UA Mod which makes a huge part of the content of the AW Mod, same like with certain other Mods out there today that use this content of the UA Mod. So we couldn´t really change/fix those Objects since we weren´t their creators. We decided in the end to include the last Exectutable for JO, which is Version, to make sure those of you that were actually fooled into buying Squad Tags which we assumed, you would also like to use with our Mod, as well as for those of you that have Widescreen Monitors.

But it seems, with a couple more issues coming up right now, the last Exectuable isn´t stable enough to run the Mod without major issues. And since we have almost 2000 Objects in AW2, it would take ages to test (again) all those Objects if they work with the last Exectuable. They all worked 100 % with the original Executable, Version

So the main Reason for this upcoming very small Update is to replace the Executable again. Removing the latest "beta" Version and putting the old (working) again into the Mod. We know, you won´t be able to use your Squad Tags and Widescreen Support woudlnt be there for you, but better that than the Mod screwed up, just because Novalogic, again, didn´t care to properly research what they change and what possible results come out of that. Again its the perfect example of how Novalogic operates, which is very disappointing, but those of you that are in Novagames for a long time, know them and how they work.

The remaining fixes that come with the Update are a handful missing textures, but thats about it. So please, we would appreciate if you wouldn´t see this Update as a mess on our Site except maybe a handful of missing textures, but more less another hickup that Novalogic causes and we have to adapt to make things work properly for our Mod.

As I said, we are very sorry to tell you this, we worked & tested so long on our Mod while it was still running with the Executable that we thought we would have gone through all of it. Now you see what can happen when the Game company changes things without properly checking into things, messing other peoples work up again.

We hope you understand.


To be fair towards Novalogic, they are not responsible for everything. A lot of these Objects that cause Problems that came from the UA Mod, were not correctly done in certain ways. That said, when the original Models of them arent properly done, of course that is an issue that Novalogic cant be made responsible for. Same with the Statistics Tools like BABSTATS or AMBOSTATS.
The reason they are not working anymore is, because they kinda adapted their Software to work with the, at that time, mostly used JO.exe and that was Version Now Novalogic has made new Versions of that Executable, of course for that the File had to be recompiled and now its not working together with the Stats Softwares anymore, because something has changed that the Statistics Tools were adapted to work with. So you see, as much as I am used to know the Novalogic screws most stuff up, its not always that way.
Though mostly *g* ...


Originally posted by J-Factor

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