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Post How do I ban and/or punt players when I host a multiplayer game?

How do I ban and/or punt players when I host a multiplayer game?

Anyone who hosts a game with the "Require NovaWorld Login" box checked can ban a player from future games.

To ban a player, look up their #ID on the player list (K Key). You will see each player listed in this format:

<rank> <#ID> <Name> <Ping>

Press the ~ key to open a command line and type "Ban" followed by their ID number (do not type the # symbol). It will look like this:

"Ban 02"

This enters their PCID number in the banlist.txt file. The "banlist.txt" file is created the first time you host a game and the PCID numbers are generated when a player logs into NovaWorld and is linked to their CD Key. Banning a player from your server will ban all characters (up to 5) in that player’s NovaWorld account.

To remove someone from your banned list, you must manually delete the appropriate entry in the file. Do not manually edit the file while the game is running. The game will automatically update the file and reverse your changes. You may also manually add entries (so hosts can share banned player ID\'s).

Banlist.txt entry examples:
BAN "<PCID goes here>" <player name (optional)>
BAN "A-M4-RALZZG" Mongoose
BAN "A-N2-KRRMA3" Blackhawk

Once a player is banned, you will need to "punt" them from the game. You do this by simply opening a command line with the ~ key and typing, "punt" and the player\'s #ID. It looks like: "punt 02". Whether you have banned them or not, this will immediately eject them from the game.
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