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JO phpRAT updated for DFX, and JO Status updated for DFX!

JO Status and JO phpRAT has now been updated to support NovaLogic's new game named DF: Xtreme. Open for download.

Features of JO PHP Rat v.3.00:
Extremely fast
Kick/ban/kill/zero/swap/screenshot players with reason
Spectators are displayed separately in playerlist
Direct rat command execution
Edit gamesettings (serverpassword, teampassword, gametime, autobalance, startdelay, ...)
Edit missionlist (add, sub, clear, ...)
Edit weaponsettings (enable/disable weapons)
Supports multi-gameserver PunkBuster control (enable/disable, screenshotdelay,screenshotquality, ...)
Read and write ingame chats
Works with:
-JO: E
-JO: Reality MOD
-DF: Xtreme

With this PHP script you are able to show the status of your favourite JO: TR, JO: E and/or DF: X servers at your site.
Shows you the following information:
map time left
current/next map (with pictures)
how many players are in the server
the names of the players and the team where they in
player ping times, player class, player kill/deaths
Works with:
-JO: E
-JO: Reality MOD
-DF: Xtreme

phpRAT 3.0.0 Download link: Click

JO Status 3.0.0 ( with DFX support ) Download link: Click

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