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Originally Posted by FrankyTheTank View Post
i was trying to make it happen like 3 hours but it did not (win7 64x without services packs) (DF1) DF2 then soon

i need like a trigger to make it happen

is there a sign when it happens like often ?
Near almost any object, but more so near sandbags, walls and bunkers

like how many time i have to play ?
I've frozen within 3 seconds of joining

or on what map it happens very much ?
More items and proximity to objects cause it

does it requie to turn and run or is turn enough ?
Any movement

are other players needed (multiplayer or single player) ?

do it happen if you play windowed mode (this is like important if i have to know i have to switch back to a resolution) ?
Yes it still happens in Windowed Mode

in the past i remember it happend like 1 time a day while playing 8 hours or so DF1 i dont remember it much but on that day it happend once but i could not go back to the resolution settings so i could turn on a debugger
It's more rare in DF1 but last weekend I froze 3 times which is unusual. In Df2, it's much more common.

I have a VM setup, I'm going to make sure I can freeze in it and then we'll do some more testing.

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