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Originally Posted by DareHacker View Post
I totally agree. Send me a PM please, I am still below the limit to send one myself.
I have a lot of time to put collision boxes on buildings as I am the Delta Force Bandits mod leader and head developer! and I keep on buying stuff from unity3d and Unreal Engine from Unity asset store and Unreal Engine Marketplace that will play grate in Joint ops. Here are some of stuff that I spent money on and Love doing this and i have a grate time with 3ds max.

DareHacker can you still work with characters/AI? because i have some models for you if you can get them to work and send him the models for his mod. They are military and realistic soldiers with Weapons.

If you need any help Oscarmike247 Just ask I will buy stuff and put collision boxes on them and send you the .ASE file and the rest of the files that come with every model. All so I love to do Terrains as well love to do height maps and detail Maps and really nice color Maps.

All so the battlefield 2 buildings are not going to be in any other mod it was just a fun mod that I did because I have a lot of time so I was only being silly in the DFB mod putting Jets and other fun stuff in but would love to help with more realistic quantities I would rather not use the stuff that I used in my mod to prevent troubles because the models don't have really good skin's to them and they came from a other game.

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