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Originally Posted by Oscarmike247 View Post
Currently this will be a weapons only mod. I had thought about making some building of my own, but i dont have much experience with setting up collision boxes and such. Frankly i just wont have the time. But i may be open to letting other modders combine this mod with another... Maybe. I'm very picky about it. I don't want to come off as a jerk or anything, but im weary about others working with the mod. I want nothing but excellence for everything, gun sounds, graphics, handling... etc its the standard I've used thus far for myself. Theres a lot of content from other mods that i don't even consider and would never add to the game because i feel they cheapen the game. The idea is to improve the game and make it look and feel better. None of this poorly skinned buildings and jets that fly like helicopters stuff. The aim is to make JO a game that is more immersive and less of a mod that just throws a bunch of cheap looking models into the game that have no character.
I totally agree. Send me a PM please, I am still below the limit to send one myself.
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