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game inspired M48 Mauser...

i call her Vera... she has a twin sister named Matilda...

i actually went as far as to program this rifle and ammo combination into ArmA and the Virtual Battlespace simulation software... it is so close that the ballistics card i use for the real rifle works for the scope adjustments in the ArmA VBS software... but the software was created by Bohemia Interactive for military training b4 it was ever used in ArmA, so I'm not too surprised... now i can play and train with Vera when i can't get to the range... helps a lot on scope adjustments practice and range estimation without the wear and tear on the scope..

I'm just odd that way when it comes to realism in games and having my favorite rifle outside the virtual world... but now if some kid says im cheating because i wouldn't have that rifle for real, i just tell them i got it hanging on the wall...
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