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Sad DFBHD teammate evacuate and heli problems

Well my first problem and one I would like solved the most is the teammate extration. See I want it so if in a single player game I'm making a guy gets shot then my teamates have to evacuate him to a certain location. well here is what my code looks like I tried it two different ways.

If ssn 13 delta force character 2 is dead
then teammates evacuate ssn 13 within area trigger 1

second way
If ssn 13 is less than full health
then teammates evacuate ssn 13 within area trigger 1.

My second problem is with the helicopters. I can get them to take off but I can't get them to land. here is what it looks like

If group 1 is within area trigger 1
then redirect group 4 to waypoint 1,0

When group 1 gets within area trigger 1 the helicoptor picks up and flays to waypoint 1,0 then follows the waypoints to the end where it then hovers. If anyone could help with these two problems it would be greatly appreciated.
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