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I'm actually rather decent at csgo, I just generally don't like the players I get matched up with, constant mic noise and man they get mad when you make a mistake even though they are 0-10 and I'm 8-2. They are so toxic. I seem to be decent at r6 siege as well, its sort of the same style of game but different gameplay. When you get matched with a team that communicates, you become unstoppable and the game is amazing.

Shame I'm not as good at bf1 as I'd like. I really like the game. It's just one I think I need a lot of hours in to figure out all the maps and tactics for them. My ratio is getting better though but it changes map to map. I'm just constantly getting shot from behind or from a vehicle across the map. That's probably just my ****ty tactics though.

I've never played gtav online yet for PC. I played one of the gta games online for Xbox 360, was pretty fun but mostly chaos. Mostly just random gun fights. This was before heists we're released so it must have been GTA V.

Dark Souls will be played. I just have to get into that mindset that I'm going to die a lot like I did in Ninja Gaiden. My monitor and keyboard are expensive lol

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