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Tutorials and tidbits wanted

I'm starting to create maps for BHD and TS. I have made maps for Operstion Flash Point and just about every FTS game from Quake to Serious Sam, Doom, and others.

I found that this map editor has a lot to be desired, including no mouse movement commands.
But for lack of another editor, I will use it.

I'm looking for anything that will help.
I printed the manual and have gone throuth the tutorials.

I have a friend who just got the game and I want to create him a training map. Ya know? Like he walks thru all the stuff but the enemy is a little retarted. This way he can get the movements down. This is his first computer game. In fact he'd inhis 40's (Me too) and never played on a PC before.

So I thought it would make a great learning tool for me to make my first map to help others.

Any help would be very appreciated.


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