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Important =Ke1= Lays Claim to first Angel Falls Squad


Two Years ago after playing Novalogic games for eight years I left the gaming world to focus on my Phd. I am two years into my Phd now. But I have decided to deliberately return to the gaming world with the release of Angel Falls. Although, I have played all the Novalogic games I think I was waiting for a new engine and to be the first and best squad at something. It is my intention to have a dedicated server and be mapmaking squad no-cheat squad. I will have forums soon and servers as soon as the release allows. If you have a good reputation in nova servers please contact me so that we can move forward and be the underpinning of a new world. Delta Force- Angel Falls. Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of strictly non-cheat world. Mapmakers are fondly and strongly encouraged.

Spectre =Ke1=

Killeveryone Squad Angel Falls

Go to our website TBD
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