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hmm i dont know dfxtreme 2 at all


first off the lan search or ipx engine is made over that ipx engine on the most new os it must be installed

other way is a ip join it doesnt depent so much on other things

some1 wrote a pinger what allows you directly to join a server

thinking about that there is a function in df1/df2 what is getting filled with the ip

i think the pinger more or less do exactly that

if not a dll could call that function and it would connect to the ip it was desired/given

1 problem of delta force was is that you have to set a lot of things before it start just look at the win10 problem that recently apeared
or that df wasnt working on vista
then the sound problems
then the dynamic ports patch what had to be done because oddly new routers block this at the most cases

the best would be it start and work no questions no settings that should be done/set
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