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Well not to brag much on total number of posts (I just found this thread so gimme a break! LOL), once you get up into the range that I've achieved over the last 3 yrs or so, you kinda give up on the numbers... LOL

For example, on the 3rd DFArena Forums I had accumulated
THIS MANY POSTS and total included from the first 2, just add 1687, then in the current one I'm somewhere just past or very close to 1000, then if you added in the 4 or 500 I had at Poncho's forums, those plus the ones I have over at, and about 5 others, I think I'm somewhere around 7 or 8k or there abouts...

Who cares? LOL

You get these people who see this and they turn into mega spammers who try to catch and pass you up...

As I said though.. congrat's on the 1k even if it is a little late
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