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My 3rd BlackBerry Pearl

This is now my third BlackBerry Pearl to die on me... I really like this phone but man it's got some issues. One of the small pins in the USB port broke and I could no longer charge it.. I needed to use it so I had to come up with something. Verizon no longer sells my phone and won't repair/replace it... A new BB phone from Verizon would cost upwards of $300 unless I wanted to sign on for another two years which I won't do.

I ordered brand new BB Pearl off eBay but it won't be here for a few days and I need a phone.. soo this my fix. Yes I have to walk around with the charger glued to the phone It works and the phone also let me back it up via Bluetooth..

Rip apart a spare charger I had

Break the phone apart to expose the raw USB connectors

Align the cable to the connectors

Hot glue that biznitch

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