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Originally Posted by Stand View Post
See I never had the stuff in the mod in the first place so why don't you think that I had them in the first place see when it comes to modding I did what I like and I change the textures to make the game not lag as much as it does for join Ops dFX dfx2 bhd a lot of the problems with novologic their textures were too high graded I only change the textures to 256 x 256 to give the game or should I say mod a better i've advantage while playing the game so it doesn't lag when you're playing with the game it is my own research that I know that Nova Logics engine was a great engine but it wasn't great for a lot of things
It's up to the mapper not to overload maps.

Fixing things then ending up with things that don't work?

That's a compromise not a fix.

BTW - Why ppl think they know better and what's meant to be in the game more than the creators is beyond me.

As for myself it's not a preferred situation and I think you may be mistaken in changing the core, that's just my opinion on that point though.
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