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My Review of Half Life 2 - Episode 1 [spoiler warning]

I just finished and.... im in awe

You start off right were it ends in HL2. Then You are only armed with your gravity gun as you blow your way through the citiadel, pretty much as soon as you get in, your gravity gun "charges" again and you have the ability to blast people, pick them up ect. You Stop the core reactor from blowing (as a aftereffect of your little stop Dr.Breen experiment). You intercept a very important message from Dr.Breen to the worm people you saw at the end of HL2. That triggers the combine to follow you and agressivly try to get it back. Shortly after, your gravity gun then uncharges and goes back to normal. You hitch a train out of the citidel and supposed to be heading out of the city but the train falls off the tracks. You are in the subway and you blast your way through Zombines (grenade weilding zombie combines) Zombies, Sand lions, and some combine. You eventually find your way out of the subway to find City 17, in ruins. You find Barney short after and devise a plan on a raid of a train station. After a few trickey puzzles (very trickey) And a few little "boss" fights, you get there. As soon as you get there, you have to help the citizens get to the train stations, as you being a escort. After about 5 groups, you let them go, and you and Alyx are left alone. You are opening a gate for alyx when you find the impossible, a strider. The strider then destorys the opening mechinizm so you will have to find another way around. When you do, you have to take it down. This strider is not like the one in HL2, it takes many more hits and deals alot more damage. Then you hitch the train, and get out of the city. The transmission goes out and the elite transport ships fly out and over you. Then you witness the citidel become blanketed in white, then things fly at the screen then the credits roll.

It took me 5 hours to beat it, so its pretty long.

My rating - 4.54/5

Pros- More action, makes the story line develope more into the characters. New Zombine is pretty entertaining enemy.
Cons- Nothing new, blasting headcrabs and conbines gets dull, Not much Health ect.

It also comes with HL : S and HL: DM which is a blast from the past, fixes alot of the bugs and I <3 it.

It also comes with this trailer
a must see for the HL2 fan
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