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TFE med editor (Eddie) being tested by community

We finally got our hands on Eddie, so custom maps are on the menu now for Task Force Elite.
Eddie it's generally available yet. It's available to those who signed up for Alpha testing over at the TFE forums.

Eddie is a custom version of the Unreal Engine Editor

The custom part seems to be that a lot of the tricky stuff is already done so we can mostly drag and drop things, although be aware that this is the UE Editor and is somewhat of a beast.

If you are familiar with UE then you are ready to go already. If you are used to the DF series MED then this is the kind of thing you will see

items are in Collections for ease of use, but you can search around the game content for other items, guns, terrains etc . This is work in progress and more assets may be added and the collections improved

you can freely move around your level in the editor, and when you want to test your stuff, you can just click play at the top and the level just loads in the editor:

pretty much anything goes, you can use existing assets (best for file sizes), or import any assets compatible with the unreal engine e.g. but your map filesize may end up being ridiculous.

more to come

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