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Sad Encountering errors with Anaconda Server Manager v3.0.0

Hi all, I'm having a spot of bother using Anaconda Server Manager to host BHDTS from my desktop machine.

After launching Anaconda, I locate dfbhd.exe and start the game. Moments later, I am greeted with error '75'.

When I open the 'Maps' tab, I encounter error '5' after which the server manager program terminates.

I have tried this on Win10 with the latest updates and the various compatibility modes. I have also tried this on Win7 SP1. Unfortunately, I've had no luck. I used the official download from NW2 for my BHD and TS files. When I choose to host the game manually, everything works as it should and I am able to connect to the game. It seems only Anaconda Server Manager is giving me trouble.

I attempted to use BMTv3, as that's the program I used to use years back, but it seems to be unusable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


System specifications:
i7 5820k @3.3GHz
4GB DDR4 2666MHz x 4
NVidia GTX980 w/ update 419.67

I am using a regular dynamic IP home network with port 17479 opened.
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