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Originally Posted by Stand View Post
The Black Ops mod was not for Joint ops and it was not approved by novaworld in the time that nova was approving mods in the past its a StandAlone mod just like aw2...
Well at least with this Lan Patch the Stock and custom DFX2 maps all work.

I do have one problem however, please tell me if you ever encountered this problem with DFX2:

Randomly if a grenade, map decoration (computer, barrel, radio equipment), or some other explosion blows up right in front of the player/(right in your face) my screen glitches out and starts flashing and flickering. The map/spawn screen pops up but pressing the space bar doesn't make it go away. On other players screens they can see that I have respawned, but I can't move the player with the mouse and once again my screen remains locked, frozen, glitched, etc So I can't see.

The only fix that I have found is to quite the session, rejoin, and avoid such explosions.

Any one have any ideas on how to fix this problem? I have windows 7, so I tried setting compatibility mode to vista service pack 2 or windows xp, but that didn't fix the problem.
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