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sorry i don't play DF:BHD Retail not working to good for me maybe later

going to see if i can find out for you
ok here's what they got on it:

Category: BHD RETAIL Addons

Addon History:
Master Addon Was Created By: Devilsclaw
Home Page Is:

FV Master Addon 1.2 BATA 1.6
Changes to Current BAN by CD KEY to NWBAN in command line
Unlocks the old ban just like the old days and its command is BAN now.

FV Master Addon 1.2 BATE 1.5
Added a Text Field into Multiplayer screen so you can change your team password

FV Master Addon 1.2 BETA 1.4
Corrected Max Play Problem with last release

FV Master Addon 1.2 BETA 1.3
Updates to Support Game Version Only

FV Master Addon 1.1 BETA 1.3
Fixes Some Join By IP Stuff

FV Master Addon 1.1 BETA 1.2
Updates to Support Game Version Only

FV Master Addon 1.0 BETA 1.2
Makes it so that if NovaLogic’s Server Goes down and is not even there at all. You can still start up a host.
Adds in Server side support to allow Join By IP
Adds in Client Side Join By IP Support.

FV Master Addon 1.0 BETA 1.0:
Adds 2 text fields to the host option password section
Adds 2 new teams to be selected in Multiplayer Screen
Adds in a Max Team Button to select between 2 and 4 teams
Adds in 2 New Game Types CO-OP and KOTH*********
Adds support to host up to 50 players
For Game Version Only

hope this helps you some what you do have to signup to get it but its not bad only take about 2-5min to do then you get a e-mail to finsh the signup.
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