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congrats to the atholon family

going tobe some long night with a new baby in the house

any rate wish you all the best

btw once you get the baby home! have some warm milk handy at night to feed him all hours
* have a medium size pot of water on the stove on very low on all hours of the day, never can tell when you need to warm the milk up fast.
* baby bottle pre-made baby milk in the Refrigerator
* time call to feed him drop the baby bottle into pot of water to warm it up fast, never microwave the milk
* when you think it ready drop a small amount milk onto your arm if it feel to super hot let it stand a bet and try again, then give it to him. should feel warm and not hot at all.

if it to hot he be like Scott, if it too cold it be like VooDoo! but nice warm milk make him turn out like Chrispy j/k
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