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Windows shunts new and altered files to the Virtual Store folder.

Step 1a through 1c:

Change the View settings in Windows Explorer to show hidden files, then navigate to this folder:

C>Users>YOUR NAME>AppData>Local>VirtualStore

In the Virtual Store folder, I think there'll be a Programs (x86) folder or something similar, and in that folder, you'll find a folder named Novalogic, and in that, a folder for whichever NL game you're dealing with. Move all the files in there to your actual game folder. Confirm overwrites as you see fit.

Step 2a through 2e, plus:

Right-click on the shortcut you start the game with or the game .exe itself. Select 'Properties,' then the 'Compatability' tab. Find the 'Run as Administrator' checkbox and activate it. Click 'Apply' or 'OK' as you see fit. Do the same thing for every .exe involved with the game: mission editors, patch installers, mod installers.

The virtual store shunt is a safety measure Windows uses to keep some executables from altering files or creating new files on your computer without permission. Activating the 'Run as Admin' checkbox should fix that.

Let us know if it does, I love hearing about it when I've been helpful.
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