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Not used to these forums so plz give this guy a chance

K ever since ive started DF about 1 1/2 year ago i could never be able to hoste . The servers seem to go great for some time then all of a sudden everyones away PUNTED. Ive spoke to a few peeps within my team BSSF and some have the same problems but just excepted the fact that they cant hoste, as i have up until now.....

Ive been told that it could be my ping, but while playing DF my ping looks to be ok. Although i still dont realy understand the ping think lol

Ive had cable 128 kbs connection then upgraded to 640kbs connection with still the same problem. I could upgrade again to 1mb but dont see the point if this problem is going to continue.

I would be greatful for any information on this matter and im sure it would help alot more online gamers thats facing the same probs as myself.

thx all TDL out

Well that didnt seem to bad lol just hope i put this add in the right place

thx again all, looking forward to crushing this problem once and for all
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