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dfhq updates

Sighosting, maps submissions, scores submissions stuff like that will be closing down, for the time being. This thursday will close for a few hours to a day while we convert our site to a new php system. No it's not phpnuke, or anything like that. We are closing our sighosting, and I am going to remove all current sigs, you will be able to signup with the new system again when the new dfhq is up and running. The new system will run off our forum accounts, so you won't have to signup for diffrent things around the site. If you are a member of our forums, you can do anything on this site (Sighosting, banner exchange etc). But this does not mean we are going to turn into a member based site, public users will still have all the same features as members, as they always have had with the execption of map submissions only. All map submissions, will be up and running once again for dfhq this week.

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