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Post DFX "Super Soldier Project" MOD

A n00b mod for DFX1 ONLY that adds new Super and Crazy weapons to dfx1

Anyone could make this mod!

All the original weapons have been modified, many of them have unlimited ammo
and a clipsize of 100 or 120.
Also includes new AI with new weapons

Weapons that I added or modified:


An SMG that shoots blue plasma bullets, like the plasma rifle in Halo!

MAH4 Plasma pistol

A pistol that shoots green plasma bullets, like the plasma pistol in Halo!
Press 3 to change to the overcharged mode!

RPD Machine Gun

The RPD for dfx

Energy Machette

An energy machette that has a range of ten meters.

ETC...... ETC........ ETC...... and more weapons...

NOTE: I don't know if this MOD can be played online, but if you want to try it and take a risk, do it. Is probably that not work online but
It works fine on sinlge player!!!

Just download it! The RAR file contains a textfile that tells you How to install this mod.

Here's the links:


Through MediaFire

Enjoy it!
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