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Originally Posted by Dashie View Post
There's no programming in the MED itself, but you can create WAC files to go along with a mission (they do extra stuff you can't do in the mission editor).

They have their own language. It's If (Trigger) then (Action) Endif, basically (Endif is kind of like End If in .NET. I think that's where they copied it from.

What programming language(s) do you know? I'm trying to learn Java.
C, RAPID, Pascal, Visual Basic .NET and html/PHP and I used to know ASP.

RAPID is what i program in daily and is based directly off C and is a ABB Robot language.

C, RAPID and Pascal based languages are simular, Pascal based languages seems to be simpler in my experience and not sure they are counted as high level as C and RAPID.

Mainly program industrial robotic arms but also database driven visual basic .net applications is what i do proffesionaly

Sounds like the wac is based of a simpler C base of the little ive seen

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