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Post How do I configure my router to play Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

How do I configure my router to play Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

If you are simply going to join multiplayer games you shouldn’t need to change your router settings, however if you plan to host games on NovaWorld you’ll need to assign your computer as a "DMZ" server (thus allowing other computers access to your server) or allow inbound services on UDP port 17479.

Here are example steps for configuring a Netgear ProSafe firewall/router. If you require help configuring your router contact your router’s manufacturer.

Start up Internet Explorer and type the in the address box, then enter your name and password (admin and password are the default)

The router’s settings page should be displayed. Click on the option “Services” to the left and then select the option “Add custom service”. Name the service BHD, set the type to UDP, then set the start and finish port to 17479. Apply these settings and then click on “rules” on the left-hand side of your screen.

Under “Inbound services” select “Add”. Select BHD from the list of services presented. Select “Allow always” for the action. Then put your computer’s IP address for the “Send to LAN server” field. WAN users should be set to “Any”. The “log” setting can be set as you see fit. If you want players to be able to determine the ping time to your server from the game server list, you must check the option, “Respond to ping on Internet WAN port”. Apply these settings and your firewall should be configured to allow you to host Delta Force Black Hawk Down.
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